Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes: Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake 1

For the second in my new Essential Allergy Friendly Recipe series, here is my Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake just in time for my birthday!   It is light and fluffy but dairyfree, eggfree and nutfree.  In past years I have made myself a Vegan Mocha Sponge and even a Hazelnut Meringue Layer Cake, back in the day when I could eat eggs.  This year I decided this lovely Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake with raspberry jam and hidden fruit layer would hit the spot!   Ok I know for a lot of people January is a time of year they wish would hurry up and be done already.  But for me all the crisp, sunny cold days and my birthday too means its one of my favourite months!  Today is my birthday, I have officially hit mid-thirties and aside from work and a trip to take E to her gymnastics […]

Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes - Vegan Chocolate Muffins

Essential Allergy Recipes: Vegan Chocolate Muffins 17

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate muffin, they are an easy to grab breakfast or mid-afternoon chocolate hit.  But why settled for those dry, crumbly ones off the shelf, when you can so easily make your own!  So here it is – my Essential Vegan Chocolate Muffins recipe! Soft, dark and gooey as well as dairyfree, eggfree, soyfree and vegan friendly (for all of you taking part in Veganuary!) What more do you need?! The most difficult thing about this recipe is resisting the urge to eat the muffin mix before it goes in the oven!   Vegan, dairyfree chocolate spread is fairly easy to get hold of.  You can make your own with hazelnuts like this great recipe from the Minimalist Baker. Or for a nutfree version, try this yummy version from Emma over at the Freefrom Farmhouse! This is a basic muffin recipe that you can take […]

Happy New Year & 2016 Round-up! 3

2016 at The Peachicks’ Bakery was not the greatest we have ever had but was by no means the worst.  Looking back over the last 12months here at The Peachicks’ Bakery has been good, I hadn’t realised just how much all the hard work had paid off in terms of extra visitors, climbing charts and award nominations.  And that is all on the minimal hours I have been able to put in.  It has led to me deciding that I need to take it all a bit more seriously.  I guess the thing I am most proud of is finally conquering eggfree baking without needing to buy any processed egg replacers.  With a little help from golden syrup, apple cider vinegar and most of all ground chia seeds I now have reliable eggfree & vegan recipes for cakes, muffins and biscotti! You can find all my Vegan Recipes here… Most excitingly […]

Merry Christmas! 2

  Whatever you are doing and however you are celebrating everyone here wishes you a Merry Christmas & a very Happy, Healthy New Year! Looking forward to sharing lots of new recipes in 2017! Love & Hugs Midgie, Hubby & The Peachicks x

Vegan Christmas Cake Biscotti (Dairyfree, Soyfree, Eggfree) 28

Christmas is a great time of year but with all those extra presents to sort out for the kids teachers, friends and other randoms, handmade gifts are an ever popular idea.  My best advice is something that can be made in bulk, in advance and with extra ingredients that can be changed depending on what is in your cupboard! And here it is – my Essential Vegan Christmas Cake Biscotti Recipe, can be made in advance and kept in pretty cellophane bags ready to hand out (also makes lovely goodie bags!)  These have all the flavours of Christmas Cake in a yummy, dunkable biscotti filled with cranberries, dark chocolate chunks and brazil nuts then topped with white chocolate drizzle and grated lemon zest! I *may* be eating some right now! My standard xmas hamper usually consists of some handmade chocolate bark, fudge and biscotti or christmas cupcake.  This year […]