Vegan Apple Crumble Pie 8


Having a massive box of apples sat in the kitchen means lots of yummy baking and this Vegan Apple Crumble Pie is just one of the delicious things we have made with them!  My tangy apple sauce made with a hit of Apple Cider Vinegar was another one and I will add it to all our other apple recipes soon!  On a cold Autumn Sunday afternoon there is few things better than coming home after a stomp in the sunshine to a slice of warm apple pie or bowl of crumble and custard… In this situation though there is a […]


Sage & Onion Yorkshire Puddings (Dairyfree) 2


It doesn’t matter if its a meat or vegetarian, every roast dinner needs golden crispy Yorkshire Puddings.  These Dairyfree Sage and Onion Yorkshire puddings fit the bill perfectly!  These particular ones are filled with Daddy Peacock’s rich & creamy (dairyfree) onion sauce as well as some beautiful British roast pork and topped with my homemade apple sauce.  Its British Food Fortnight and these Yorkies & their British Pork filling are a perfect celebration! In our house, the kitchen is generally mine.  I do 90% of the cooking but there is one thing that I am most definitely NOT allowed to […]


Healthy Cookie Dumplings (dairyfree, eggfree, glutenfree) 9


These little Healthy Cookie Dumplings are really cute, because the mixture doesn’t spread they keep their little dumpling shape and were named Cookie Dumplings by the Peachicks.  They are dairyfree, eggfree and glutenfree (contain oats) and are brilliant for lunchboxes and after gym snacks.  They are packed with nutrients, although I would recommend leaving the nuts out for school lunchboxes as a lot of schools have no nuts policies.  These would also be AMAZING with small apple chunks in it! These cookie dumplings are lovely and soft but full of yummy crunchy seeds and cashew nuts.  The great thing about these […]


Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars


September heralds the return of the school term and with it the challenge of allergy friendly lunchboxes! The Peachicks were excited to be sent a small selection of Pulsin Kids Fruit Oat Bars to try; these come in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Orange choc chip and Blackcurrant & Apple.  These bars are vegan, freefrom dairy, eggs, gluten & soya and count as 1 of your childs’ 5 aday.  The recipe is nutfree but the bars are made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts so may not be suitable for nut allergy suffers.  In addition they contain only natural […]

Afternoon Tea Week

Vegan Recipes for Afternoon Tea Week (Dairyfree, Soyafree)! 2


From the 8th to 14th August is Afternoon Tea Week, in this post I list all my top tips for a catering a Vegan or Freefrom Afternoon Tea!  With these recipes noone will ever be able to tell the  difference so there is no need to do separate menus!   I don’t know about you but Afternoon Tea has always been for special occasions, and is always the first meal we have on our annual Cornwall holiday. We even had afternoon tea as our wedding breakfast and have been known to treat ourselves to an Afternoon Tea Spa day at Careys […]