Afternoon Tea Week

Vegan Recipes for Afternoon Tea Week (Dairyfree, Soyafree)! 2


From the 8th to 14th August is Afternoon Tea Week, in this post I list all my top tips for a catering a Vegan or Freefrom Afternoon Tea!  With these recipes noone will ever be able to tell the  difference so there is no need to do separate menus!   I don’t know about you but Afternoon Tea has always been for special occasions, and is always the first meal we have on our annual Cornwall holiday. We even had afternoon tea as our wedding breakfast and have been known to treat ourselves to an Afternoon Tea Spa day at Careys […]

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Allotment Week – Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones 15


This week (8th-14th August) is both Allotment Week AND Afternoon Tea Week so what better recipe to celebrate both than a scone recipe using beautiful homegrown blackberries?!  And here they are, Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones!  You’ve heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Ever since we have lived together we have always grown our own fruit & veg.  While we were at uni this was a couple of pots; mainly herbs on the windowsill, runner beans and strawberries.  These days, we live in a house with very little garden, chosen as I am sure […]

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Vegan Vanilla Pancakes (soyfree) 6


School holidays are great for relaxed family breakfasts, definitely different from the flinging toast at the Peachicks as they get in the car that usually happens around here!  These Vegan Vanilla Pancakes are soyfree as well as containing no dairy or eggs!  have a delicate vanilla flavour thanks to the vanilla bean paste which goes well with a lot of toppings.  Today we had a melon and mango hanging around so paired the Vegan Vanilla Pancakes with a lovely lime & ginger melon salad! These Vegan Vanilla Pancakes use ground chia seeds as an egg replacer, I use a coffee […]

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Freefrom Chicken Goujons (Top 14 Free) 16


These Homemade Freefrom Chicken Goujons are really yummy.  They are easy to make using fresh chicken mini fillets and even contain hidden veg in the breadcrumb coating!  Can be served warm or cold as an allergy friendly lunchbox filler!     These are great for playdates and birthday parties too as they are easily made completely free from the Top14 allergens.  Although it does depend on which bread/breadcrumbs you use!  I use our homemade bread which is made with half wholemeal/half white wheat flour. **Tesco make Freefrom breadcrumbs that look good are freefrom dairy, soy & gluten although they have […]