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The Adventures of 3 Itchy-Scratchy Peachicks & a Freefrom Kitchen

The Peachicks’ Bakery is the place to catch up with the adventures of 3 little itchy-scratchy Peachicks, my attempts to balance their love of food with multiple allergies and the place where I blog about the rollercoaster that is the life of an allergy mum! And check out the Peachicks’ favourite recipes. All freefrom dairy, soya & eggs; all simple to make but delicious to eat!

But first introductions…

The Peachicks


The Peachicks are my three girls and are the itchy-scratchy inspiration behind the Peachicks’ Bakery! Alys, Millie and Elodie have all inherited a variety of allergies, including cows milk protein, soya protein and egg.  In addition to this they all suffer from varying degrees of hayfever, asthma, eczema and reactions to various fruits!

About Me!

Hi! I am Midge aka Mummy Peacock, aka the generous one that shared all my allergies with my lucky (?) little Peachicks!  I have allergic asthma, triggered by medications, pollen and a numerous foods.  Most severely eggs, oranges, bananas and peanuts!  Although I can’t really eat dairy, soya or chickpeas either.  When I am not writing, developing or blogging recipes I can usually be found buried under piles of paperwork for my day job working with Pre-schoolers or more likely attempting to find the bottom of the laundry pile!!

I live with the Peachicks & Daddy Peacock (aka Hubby) in the South of England with our newest additions – Millie’s 5 Leaf Insects.  Over the years I have graduated with a degree in Marine Zoology, worked in an Aquarium, became a teacher and now I work in a woodland Pre-school! Oh and I can’t fail to mention my beloved car Roxy, who for over a decade has been my house, independence, fridge, delivery van and even my tripod for my equally loved Lumix DMC-FZ7 (yes really!!)

If you are new to the world of allergies then do not despair – even multiple allergies can be managed fairly well day to day with a few substitutions and a little bit of vigilance.  Neither is eating out impossible, read reviews from other allergy sufferers, speak to the place & staff before you go and above all if you are not happy or feel like they are not listening then find somewhere else!  And as for the little ones – they are surprisingly resilient! We have taught the Peachicks to manage their allergies independently as far as their maturity and surroundings allow and actually they are very good at being their own best advocates when I am not around!


3 Things to Remember:

  1.  If you are new to the world of itchy-scratchies is don’t panic!  We have three of them and despite our best efforts they appear to be not only surviving but thriving!
  2. ‘Those people’ (and yes you will meet them!) who think allergies are either a fad (fussy children or the latest parenting craze) or convinced the reactions you frequently see are figments of your imagination – these people just don’t understand and no amount of effort on your part will make them understand either so channel your energy into doing what you know is right for your itchy-scratchies and sod them!  Sadly we came to this conclusion through personal experience, so believe me you are not alone in having come face to face with one of  ‘those’ people!  Best advice…. walk away and stay away!
  3. Seek out and take all the advice you possibly can get, not all of it will be great or even useful, but believe me having it and knowing its not right for your itchy-scratchies is not a bad thing.  Allergy UK and Asthma UK are quite good for the old advice, Dr Google… Not so much!!

And finally I will leave you with the thoughts of our middle Peachick, Miss Millie, at 5 years old, on the subject of having different dinners to all her friends at school.  ‘Its good, it means I do not have to share my chocolate cake with anyone!’   

Yep allergykids are a resilient bunch!  Enjoy the recipes on here and feel free to get in touch!


Midgie x


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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Peachicks’ Bakery…

  • Wendy Jacobs

    I can’t believe that I have only just looked at your site. It’s brilliant and I will be trying out recipes!
    Thanks Midge.

    • midgie Post author

      Ah welcome to the Peacocks Bakery, Mrs J! Glad you like it better late than never, hope all is well! Can definitely recommend the vegan chocolate cake! X

  • Rachael

    Hi, I’ve just found your website as a result of the coconut collaborative mentioning it on Instagram! And I’m very pleased as I have one itchy-scratchy will cows milk, soya, egg and nut allergies plus a 2nd who I think is reacting to something through my breast milk! It’s wonderful to find a website like yours with recipes and encouragement – many thanks!

    • midgie Post author

      thank you glad my random ramblings help! oh bless you, the milk/egg/soya combination is a tricky one, we were lucky that it was just loosely cooked eggs the biggest two couldnt eat so baking and yorkshire puddings were ok…. then E came along and cant touch a raw one without coming out in hives but is better with soya than the other 2! hang in there with the breastfeeding, its more likely to be a similar allergy to your oldest, i fed both our youngest until 2 and i can see a positive difference in allergies between them and the biggest peachick who sadly I couldnt feed! we are just trying to wean E off my milk but she is a very greedy 2 year old and my lungs had a tantrum over it so its a slooooow process!! take care and feel free to rant away if needed! as you csn tell I do it frequently!

      midgie 🙂

      • Rachael

        Ah thank you! That’s so interesting you see a difference between when you fed and when you didn’t. I fed my eldest until she was 1 – I found excluding all the allergens from my own diet very hard so I just couldn’t do it anymore. Just contemplating doing it again now though for my second but not sure where to begin! Whether to exclude all and reintroduce one at a time or just exclude one and see what happens!
        How old are your girls and are they showing any signs of growing out of any of the allergies?
        The positive side is I’m forced into becoming a baker despite being totally rubbish! My excuse was it was all too precise which is why cakes never turned out well but I have to persevere now!

        • midgie Post author

          Oh bless you! It is hard luckily for me I am pretty much allergic to the same things so it makes it easier to cut the things out when feeding. I was told by the hospital paediatrician that cutting it all out then reintroducing through my milk at 6months was a good place to start as the proteins are broken down a bit. The girls are 8, 5 and 2… the youngest two were breastfed and are growing out of all the allergies slowly – they even manage an icecream from the icecream van a week now! the oldest one (not bfed) is growing out of the milk allergy and into lots of others – fruits/latex/peanuts! The vegan chocolate cake is soooo easy to make its a really good one to start with and definitely is very forgiving if its not weighed properly or overmixed or chucked all over the kitchen sides when the girls help!

          Good luck! xxx

  • Edvin

    Hi the Peachicks’ Bakery,

    Thank you for following us on Twitter. We are interested in partnering with your blog.

    Please let us know if you are interested.

    Kind regards,