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Tales of Peachick adventures home & abroad, special occasions and monthly updates! A host of fun activities & crafts for the Littlies as well as the home of Guest Posts from both Alys & now Millie (following the lives of her 5 Leaf Insects!)  

Catch up with all the news from 2016 at The Peachicks' Bakery... Looking back over the last 12months here at The Peachicks' Bakery has been good, I hadn't realised just how much all the hard work had paid off in terms of extra visitors, climbing charts and award nominations. And that is all on the minimal hours I have been able to put in. It has led to me deciding that I need to take it all a bit more seriously. I guess the thing I am most proud of is finally conquering eggfree baking without needing to buy any processed egg replacers. With a little help from golden syrup, apple cider vinegar and most of all ground chia seeds I now have reliable eggfree & vegan recipes for cakes, muffins and biscotti!

Happy New Year & 2016 Round-up!

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco drinks! We are great fans of coconuts in this house and use them in a variety of forms; flour, milk, oil, you name it we use it!  So you can imagine how excited The Peachicks were when they received a pretty package of lovely Vita Coco Drinks! Coconut milk is a great dairy alternative and is fab in smoothies but somedays are just not smoothie days (although these make a great base for one!) Vita Coco drinks are made with a base of coconut water blended with coconut and/or fruit puree to make a variety of tasty flavours – we tried the pineapple, peach & mango, and chocolate drinks; alongside one of the Vita Coco Cafe drinks, containing coffee and skimmed milk. ** Images c/o VitaCocoUK ** These drinks come in a variety of sizes, the smallest being the 330ml cartons with screw top lid, perfect for […]

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco Drink Review

The Peachicks are massive Moo Free Chocolate fans so when we heard they were bringing out their Moo Free Baking Drops, the Peachicks were very excited!  Finding dairyfree, soyafree, vegan chocolate chips is ok as long as you want dark chocolate which works for some recipes (like these Hazelnut & Cranberry Biscotti) but sometimes only milk chocolate ones will do.  Obviously when trying out Baking Drops there had to be some cooking involved and I have been really impressed with just how much like ‘normal’ chocolate chips these behave!  You can find the recipe for our Pumpkin & Choc Chip cookies below and I will post the cranberry & choc chip scones soon! Moo Free Chocolates are made with rice milk and are freefrom dairy, gluten and most excitingly soya (insert fanfare here!!)  thanks to the use of sunflower and not soy lecithin!  Like all Moo Free Chocolates, these […]

Peachick Approved: Moo Free Baking Drops

This weekend is The Allergy & Freefrom Show in Liverpool and after the great time had by all in London we had to come! Daddy Peacock & I used to live in North Wales and in all that time only I ventured to Liverpool and only the once, which is a shame as it is a really lovely place.  The sun was shining and it was an absolutely beautiful day so after the show we had a quick wander around Albert Dock.  Entry to the show is free and tickets can be downloaded from the Allergy & Freefrom Show website to print at home!   Where Olympia was great because of the sheer quantity of stalls to go to (its 3 small shows co-locating), Liverpool is great because it is small and we got around to see everything & fill our suitcase and many bags with lots of goodies! […]

Peachick Diaries: The Allergy & Freefrom Show, Liverpool

In honour of our very exciting New Additions to the family (Millie’s New Pets – Leaf Insects) enjoy a very special Guest Post from the Mini-Me Entymologist in training herself – My little Millie Moo!  I got 5 leaf insects and they are very little at the moment.  They are the size of my thumb nail that is how small they are.  They look like little leafs and are the colour green with stripy legs.   They are green to camouflage them so lizards and other animals cant eat them.  If you blow on them they will wiggle with the breeze!  I really like them because they are creepy crawlies and interesting to watch!  They are really easy to keep and really easy to clean out.     Leaf  insects have 6 legs and you have to be very careful with them other wise you break their legs.  They have […]

Peachick Diaries: Millie’s New Pets!

The Peachicks are great fans of Hilliers – or the Sir Harold Hiller Gardens to give them, their full title! The place is great for little adventurers to take Parents & Grandparents alike to get them out in the fresh air and keep them out of trouble (and reward them with a nice coffee afterwards!)  Throughout the year there is lots of different activities to suit every age & budget AND there is even a holiday club for children.  We regularly visit and it is amazing how different the gardens look throughout the seasons and how even now we still manage to discover new areas to explore!  This time we ventured into the woodland at the top of the hill and found this ‘Reindeer Tree!’   Honestly the colours of some of the trees yesterday were just amazing, I was so sad I left my beloved, old Lumix at home […]

Peachick Diaries: Hillier Gardens in Autumn

Today has been a rubbish day. Today is the day that I dread more than any other and it happens about every 3 months – today was dentist day – not for me but for Millie. My poor little Millie, who at 6 years old she already has 4 ‘shiny princess teeth’ (metal caps) and fillings in various others. Everytime we go she has to have something done and this time was no exception, this time we got the news that one of her back adult teeth is already so fragile that she needs major filling just to try and save it. Now I can hear you all yelling at the computer screen about what an awful mother I must be to have a 6 year old with so many fillings and caps already, asking how many times a week she must eat sweets and certain that she probably […]

Allergies & a Trip to the Dentist

So with the end of September came the colder weather AND the news that my little website – The Peachicks’ Bakery – has been nominated & shortlisted for no less than 3 Allergy Blog Awards ! !  These are the first awards to celebrate allergy bloggers in the UK & Ireland and their achievements.  I am really surprised and so thankful to have been nominated alongside some really lovely, talented people! The public vote is now open so if you have ever read my little piece of the internet and enjoyed it or found it useful in anyway I would be so grateful if you could just spend a couple of minutes voting for The Peachicks’ Bakery! This blog came about initially as a bit of therapy and a place to record the rollercoaster that is being an allergy mum so that if my Peachicks end up in the same position […]

Allergy Blog Awards 2017

September heralds the return of the school term and with it the challenge of allergy friendly lunchboxes! The Peachicks were excited to be sent a small selection of Pulsin Kids Fruit Oat Bars to try; these come in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Orange choc chip and Blackcurrant & Apple.  These bars are vegan, freefrom dairy, eggs, gluten & soya and count as 1 of your childs’ 5 aday.  The recipe is nutfree but the bars are made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts so may not be suitable for nut allergy suffers.  In addition they contain only natural sugars (except the Orange choc chip which has xylitol sweetener in.)   The bars look like most of the other similar lunchbox bars on the market and smell really lovely when the packets were opened!  As there was a possible peanut traces risk I didn’t try them but the […]

Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars