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Peachick (1)The Peachicks’ are always on the lookout for  new and exciting allergy friendly products, places to go and things to do! Everything the Peachicks have reviewed and loved gets given the ‘Peachick Approved’ badge and you can find them all here!

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco drinks! We are great fans of coconuts in this house and use them in a variety of forms; flour, milk, oil, you name it we use it!  So you can imagine how excited The Peachicks were when they received a pretty package of lovely Vita Coco Drinks! Coconut milk is a great dairy alternative and is fab in smoothies but somedays are just not smoothie days (although these make a great base for one!) Vita Coco drinks are made with a base of coconut water blended with coconut and/or fruit puree to make a variety of tasty flavours – we tried the pineapple, peach & mango, and chocolate drinks; alongside one of the Vita Coco Cafe drinks, containing coffee and skimmed milk. ** Images c/o VitaCocoUK ** These drinks come in a variety of sizes, the smallest being the 330ml cartons with screw top lid, perfect for […]

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco Drink Review

The Peachicks are massive Moo Free Chocolate fans so when we heard they were bringing out their Moo Free Baking Drops, the Peachicks were very excited!  Finding dairyfree, soyafree, vegan chocolate chips is ok as long as you want dark chocolate which works for some recipes (like these Hazelnut & Cranberry Biscotti) but sometimes only milk chocolate ones will do.  Obviously when trying out Baking Drops there had to be some cooking involved and I have been really impressed with just how much like ‘normal’ chocolate chips these behave!  You can find the recipe for our Pumpkin & Choc Chip cookies below and I will post the cranberry & choc chip scones soon! Moo Free Chocolates are made with rice milk and are freefrom dairy, gluten and most excitingly soya (insert fanfare here!!)  thanks to the use of sunflower and not soy lecithin!  Like all Moo Free Chocolates, these […]

Peachick Approved: Moo Free Baking Drops

September heralds the return of the school term and with it the challenge of allergy friendly lunchboxes! The Peachicks were excited to be sent a small selection of Pulsin Kids Fruit Oat Bars to try; these come in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Orange choc chip and Blackcurrant & Apple.  These bars are vegan, freefrom dairy, eggs, gluten & soya and count as 1 of your childs’ 5 aday.  The recipe is nutfree but the bars are made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts so may not be suitable for nut allergy suffers.  In addition they contain only natural sugars (except the Orange choc chip which has xylitol sweetener in.)   The bars look like most of the other similar lunchbox bars on the market and smell really lovely when the packets were opened!  As there was a possible peanut traces risk I didn’t try them but the […]

Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars

Entertaining three Peachicks during the Summer Holidays can be tricky at the best of times but finding something they not only agree on but doesn’t involve hours in front of the Tv can be near on impossible.  So when they were given the chance to review a brand new activity box subscription service from The Clever Bees Club they (and I) jumped at it!   The Clever Bees Club is monthly subscription service (£19.95 a month with discounts for longer subscriptions) that delivers a box packed with activities and surprises for 3-7year olds and aims to not only entertain but educate and support children’s development in a variety of areas.  The Mummy/Teacher in me is always on the lookout for activities that are fun and involve some education somewhere – the range of activities in these boxes are a big plus too!     There are so many activities included […]

Peachick Approved: Clever Bees Club & Giveaway!

This is The Giant.  He is a very special giant.  He lives in one of the Peachicks’ favourite places in the world to visit, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and his story is quite sweet really. He sits and waits for the day that the beautiful Mud Maid wakes up.   Every year The Giant is visited by 3 little Peachicks who sit on the fence and talk to him.  They like to compliment him on his hair and how many flowers and plants he has managed to grow.  It doesn’t matter to them that he doesn’t reply they just love talking to him!   Once they have had their annual conversation with The Giant, the Peachicks love exploring the rest of the gardens but not before they visit the Mud Maid to see if she has woken up yet.  They each tell her The Giant is waiting for her […]

Peachick Invasions: Cornwall – Lost Gardens Of Heligan

When you have itchy-scratchies like I do, everything you do has to be carefully thought out and I mean everything.  Between the Peachicks eczema, my lungs & all our allergies every last part of a daily routine has challenges.  Washing is one of those challenges.  The girls skin is very sensitive, I can’t use suncream on them and bubble bath is just about out the question.  Add to this my lungs and their aversion to just about everything and the marine zoologist in me a good washing powder is quite hard to find!  I was sent two kinds of Simply Washing tablets to try, a Sensitive Non-Bio and the Pure Hypoallergenic Non-Bio.  The girls skin showed no reaction to the sensitve so not sure if the Pure Hypoallergenic was better for them or not!     These washing tablets are vegan, contain no phosphates and are biodegradable so all […]

Simply Washing Tablets – Peachick Approved Review!

A couple of weeks ago The Peachicks were very excited to be sent a couple of copies of ‘Amazing!’ a fab kids magazine for children 7years+ that covers all aspects of the national curriculum.  They say it is aimed at children 7+ but Millie (5) has been almost as engrosssed in the magazines as Alys has.  I can honestly say I have never seen both the older Peachicks as quiet and lost in a magazine as they were the instant they opened these! We have 10 copies of the next issue to giveaway plus a brillant offer for all our readers – 10% off an annual subscription with the code WOW10!       Elodie loved the illustrations and spent quite a long time flicking through showing Daddy what she could see on each page.  This is her favourite page because it has her letter in it… well she is […]

Amazing Kids Mag!! Review & Giveaway!

You may have noticed that Elodie & I spend quite a lot of time at Marwell Zoo, we are lucky that it is just down the road and the Peachicks’ school is on our way home! Thursday afternoons are our time together where the other Peachicks are at school late and come rain or shine the pair of us go and visit the animals. We are given Annual Passes for Christmas which have already paid for themselves this year, in fact mine & Elodie’s have probably paid for everyone elses too!  The other great thing about the passes (£60 adult, £40 child) is that they give you one free visit each year to each of a list of zoos around the country and we regularly build these zoos into our holiday to Cornwall & use them for cheap weekends away the rest of the year!  At Easter we do Newquay […]

A family day at Marwell Zoo!

The Peachicks were very excited to be sent a pack of Mrs O’s Fuss Free Cake mixes to review.  Especially as my lovely bestie has discovered that Gluten is REALLY not her friend and has been missing cake quite a lot since going gluten free. We were supposed to be going to the Childcare Expo together at Olympia to pick up some goodies for work but sadly I had to stay home at the last minute due to a poorly Peachick. She still went and then came here for tea afterwards complete with haul of goodies including some multiplication rainbows AND a very very cute set of owls designed to help kids with their number bonds! (if you have no idea what I am talking about – sorry!!)   Anyway, I made us all a very nice dinner of Ratatouille (recipe here.) Finished off with a yummy Victoria sandwich […]

Mrs O’s Eggfree & Gluten Free Cake Mix – Review

As you may have noticed I am quite a fan of sneaking extra nutrients into food wherever I can – toasted nuts on soup, seeds for snacking on and in baked things and kale in burgers.  So you can imagine my excitement at finding a new site full of nutrient rich, healthy ingredients in the form of Nutriseed.   I am not a doctor or dietician but I do believe that the easiest way to keep the Peachicks healthy is by starting out with putting good things in and we have seen first hand the effect that heavily processed food has on them.  Ingredients containing calcium and immune boosting nutrients are particularly important in this house as the cow’s milk and soya allergies mean we need to find alternative calcium sources.  After an allergic reaction I find that both me and the Peachicks are more susceptible to picking up […]

Healthy Loveliness from Nutriseed – A review!