The Peachick Invasions

You may have noticed the last couple of weeks have not been great for my lungs.  Sadly they have been the tip of the iceberg, everyday this week seems to have bought fresh rubbish to deal, it is literally being thrown at us from all directions and noone seems willing to give us any let up.  This all culminated with hubby getting notification that his attendance record is being investigated, following his kidney stones, I guess they will fire him at some point in the next couple of months.  As you can imagine my lungs are ever so grateful for the added stress!!  Over the years Hubby & I have got used to it being just us against the world, it has actually become quite normal for us and luckily crisis management has become a bit of a speciality for us.  So we have spent today carefully crafting plans A, […]

Sunny Spring Evening on the Beach – Lepe Country Park

This is The Giant.  He is a very special giant.  He lives in one of the Peachicks’ favourite places in the world to visit, The Lost Gardens of Heligan and his story is quite sweet really. He sits and waits for the day that the beautiful Mud Maid wakes up.   Every year The Giant is visited by 3 little Peachicks who sit on the fence and talk to him.  They like to compliment him on his hair and how many flowers and plants he has managed to grow.  It doesn’t matter to them that he doesn’t reply they just love talking to him!   Once they have had their annual conversation with The Giant, the Peachicks love exploring the rest of the gardens but not before they visit the Mud Maid to see if she has woken up yet.  They each tell her The Giant is waiting for her […]

Peachick Invasions: Cornwall – Lost Gardens Of Heligan

If you are ever in Normandie, Rouen with its monument to Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’Arc), The Gros Horloge and stunning Cathedral is definitely worth a visit. The older Peachicks are quite into Horrible Histories at the moment and it has sparked their interest in a lot of historical events and people, particularly women in history, so they were interested to be somewhere so linked to the story of Joan of Arc.  There is also a large shopping centre at Mont St Aignan where there is a Carrefour and a host of other cafes and shops.  There are numerous little shops in the town itself including a few toyshops that have lots of lovely ‘Melissa & Doug style’ wooden toys.   Near the Jeanne D’Arc church there is a lovely little market under cover where you can buy all sorts of lovely food to eat including bread, cheese, fish and […]

The Peachick Invasions – Rouen

This half term the Peachicks have descended on the once peaceful village of Mauquenchy, shattering the tranquillity usually enjoyed by Nanny and Grumps when they escape to their house! Mauquenchy itself is very pretty and is one of a few small villages in the area (Seine-Maritime region of Normandy), it is not far from Dieppe (40mins drive) and Rouen (40mins drive).     This trip to France was particularly special as it’s the first time Elodie has been abroad so we packed a lot into it! Over the 5days we have been for a walk around the lakes in Forges-les-Eaux, popped into Rouen & taken Elodie to Nausicaa in Boulogne-sur-mer for an early birthday treat!   Waiting at Dover for the Ferry…   We managed to get a really good deal on our Ferry tickets with P&O as if you book until the end of February (to cross before […]

The Peachick Invasions – Travelling to France by road & ...

Monday is a fairly quiet day in France, a lot of the shops are shut (even in a big city like Rouen) so is a good day to get out and about for a walk!  We took the Peachicks for a ramble around the lake in Forges-les-Eaux, which is not far from where we are staying.  This very cute little town is worth a visit; as well as the beautiful lakes there are lots of restaurants, swimming pool (complete with opening roof for the summer) and the Forges Hotel & casino.  It is also part of the ‘Avenue Verte’, a network of cycle paths linking London to Paris (via Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry). Considering it was Monday and the Peachicks had spent a lot of time in the car the day before a run in the fresh air around the lake seemed like a good idea. With this in mind we had a […]

The Peachick Invasions – The lake at Forges-Les-Eaux