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Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake - An Easy Layered Vegan Angel Cake 4
It's official, the Ginger Peachick is 4! Obviously the occasion calls for cake and here it is - The Ginger Peachick's Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake - An Easy Vegan Layered Angel Cake, flavoured with blackcurrant, lemon and vanilla & sandwiched with jam, cocoa buttercream and fresh strawberries. Handily made with two tiers so you can eat the bottom layer leaving the top tier as a pretty standalone cake!

Ginger Peachick’s Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake – Easy Vegan Layered ...

Can't decide between vanilla or chocolate cake? Why not have both with this Chocolate & Vanilla Vegan Marble Cake! Pretty, easy to make & sure to impress! All you need is a piping bag of each batter which you then Jackson Pollack into the tin and swirl together with a skewer or knife! Just fill with buttercream and/or jam plus some fresh fruit if you fancy it and you'll have a beautiful cake to share with friends. It definitely went down well when the Peachicks and I met up with some friends & their little people at the weekend!

Chocolate & Vanilla Vegan Marble Cake

This Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge is super easy to make. It's also light and fluffy but sturdy enough to filled & covered in fondant for special occasions! This recipe makes one 20cm cake which you can slice into 2 or 3 ready for filling with jam & buttercream. You can also easily vary the flavour of this basic sponge recipe by using nut milks or adding coffee, chocolate or citrus zests! It is dairyfree, eggfree, nutfree and easy to adapt to Glutenfree, by replacing the flour with the same quantity of Doves farm glutenfree flour.

Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes: Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake

This week is Chocolate Week and with the weather having turned considerably colder, what better way to celebrate it than with a lovely warming cake with beautiful Autumnal flavours.  This Vegan Beetroot & Ginger Chocolate Cake uses lovely seasonal beetroots which are great this time of year combined with a warming hint of ground ginger!  Beetroot and chocolate are such a fab combination and the gentle warm kick from the ginger ties it all together!  The best filling for this is a rich chocolate buttercream and a dark sweet cherry jam – yep cherries, ginger & beetroot – YUM! We are all suffering with the first snuffles of the season, so its a quiet weekend for us because as every asthmatic knows, wheezy lungs and Autumn snuffles do not mix!  In these situations its hard for my poor lungs as they object violently to both aerosol steroid inhalers and […]

Vegan Beetroot & Ginger Chocolate Cake

Autumn is the season of beautiful fruits and this delicious Vegan Pear, Fig & Ginger Cake is the perfect way to serve up all those slightly over-ripe pears lurking in the fruit bowl! The warm hint of the fresh ginger works really well with the pears and figs without overpowering either of them. This cake is great served warm on a chilly Autumn afternoon with a generous scoop of dairyfree vanilla icecream! The best part of this cake is that it is quick to make, perfect for a last minute afternoon tea, as a lazy Sunday dessert or for warming up after a sunny stomp in the woods.  It would also make a great warming pudding after an evenings Trick or Treating or for a Fireworks Party!  It actually takes longer to grate or mash the pear to remove the skin than it does to mix the ingredients together […]

Vegan Pear, Fig & Ginger Cake (dairyfree, eggfree, soyfree)

The Peachicks were very excited to be sent a pack of Mrs O’s Fuss Free Cake mixes to review.  Especially as my lovely bestie has discovered that Gluten is REALLY not her friend and has been missing cake quite a lot since going gluten free. We were supposed to be going to the Childcare Expo together at Olympia to pick up some goodies for work but sadly I had to stay home at the last minute due to a poorly Peachick. She still went and then came here for tea afterwards complete with haul of goodies including some multiplication rainbows AND a very very cute set of owls designed to help kids with their number bonds! (if you have no idea what I am talking about – sorry!!)   Anyway, I made us all a very nice dinner of Ratatouille (recipe here.) Finished off with a yummy Victoria sandwich […]

Mrs O’s Eggfree & Gluten Free Cake Mix – Review

Today the Ginger Peachick was 3, I can’t believe it has gone so quick – she is so grown up and cheeky!  This morning we spent a good half hour in Cake Craft while Elodie chose and then changed her mind about what birthday cake she wanted!  This cake supply shop is really good, they have pretty much everything you could ever want for making and decorating all sorts of cakes.  In the end Elodie settled on a pink and white Minnie Mouse figure and bright pink cake board so I grabbed some lilac fondant and pretty little flowers as well!   We’ve had a pretty quiet day after the long one we spent in Nausicaa and travelling home yesterday so E has had a lot of time to enjoy playing with her birthday presents – apologies to all in Waitrose this morning who had a small child and brand […]

DairyFree & Eggfree Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake!

Recently I was asked to create a completely organic recipe for Wayfair Uk as part of a series of recipes they were publishing to highlight organic food this month, Wayfair Uk have lots of lovely products (some in photos below) for your house and most importantly kitchen!  September is the month the Soil Association encourages us all to ‘Organic Your September‘, making small organic changes to the way we ‘Eat. Drink. Use. Choose.’  My small change is to bake organically – which I have discovered is easier than you might think.  (Did you know you can even get organic greaseproof paper?!)  All the ingredients for this cake came from my usual supermarket, and I have found that there are plenty of places to get them online too!   This Organic Carrot and Apple cake is light, fluffy and dairy/soya free – with my dairy free cream cheese style frosting! […]

Organic Carrot and Apple Cake

The biggest Peachick is 7 on Sunday and here is the cake she ordered!  Obviously I didn’t make Ariel, I found her at The Craft Company, along with the silicon mould for the sea creatures.  They had everything I needed which means I didn’t have to hand colour the fondant (well I did the ice-blue for the pearls & the clam) and delivered next day. The large clam was handmade from a sketch I made on a scrap of paper; it is hand coloured fondant shaped and left to dry on a whisk handle before the inside and pink pearl were added! Its all dairy/soya free; although I should point out the Betty Crocker buttercream contains no milk ingredients but they do give a warning on the packet that it may contain milk ingredients so use your own judgement when using. Sadly the little red sea snake didn’t make […]

Mermaid Birthday Cake!

This Vegan Mocha Cake is free from Dairy, Eggs & Soya making it perfect for those with egg allergies.  I like the idea of eggfree cake especially as the Peachicks are not great with eggs.  I have tried several times to find a recipe that gave reliable results that were as good a ‘normal’ cake without the egg-replacers or other random collection of ingredients that read like they should come from a pharmacist rather than a supermarket. I came across this recipe on the blog for ScratchSleeves; this company makes pj’s and sleeves for children with eczema to help them sleep without scratching.  On their blog they have recipes for egg (and dairy) free cakes – one fruit cake and one vanilla or chocolate sponge.  So this afternoon I’ve given it a go and tweaked the recipe slightly to make it mocha flavour; Daddy Peacock’s favourite drink at the […]

Vegan Mocha Cake (Eggfree, Soyfree)