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Because sometimes you just need a cake all to yourself!

Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes - Vegan Chocolate Muffins 23
Who doesn't love a good chocolate muffin, they are an easy to grab breakfast or mid-afternoon chocolate hit. But why settle for those dry, crumbly ones off the shelf, when you can so easily make your own! So here it is - my Essential Vegan Chocolate Muffins recipe! Soft, dark and gooey as well as dairyfree, eggfree, soyfree and vegan friendly (for all of you taking part in Veganuary!) What more do you need?! Cupboard to mouth in about 30minutes (less if you make mini ones!) And did I mention the coffee kick? It's just enough to enhance the chocolate flavour without overpowering it completely.

Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes: Vegan Chocolate Muffins

The summer holidays are finally upon us which means lazy mornings and time to make something a bit more special for breakfast! These Vegan Blueberry Muffins are Dairyfree, Soyafree, Eggfree and full of fruity, oaty goodness to keep the Peachicks filled up & fuel all the paddling pool splashing! Alongside the oats and frozen blueberries, these muffins contain less than 3g of added sugar each even with the crunchy oaty topping. (Obviously there is the natural sugar content of the berries and oats, if you are counting those too!)  Instead of golden syrup I have used Sweet Freedom Choc Shot which has worked really well and isnt too sweet.  The basic recipe can be altered to fit lots of different seasonal fruit… I have my eye on a plum and ginger batch when the ones of the tree out the front are ready!   I should apologise for the quality of the […]

Vegan Blueberry Muffins (Dairyfree, Soyafree, Eggfree)

We LOVE Rhubarb in this house. These Vegan Rhubarb Muffins are a lovely way to use up a bumper crop of homegrown Rhubarb and make a great breakfast too!

Vegan Rhubarb Muffins

I LOVE carrot cake, I could literally eat it every day BUT since I Elodie was born I really, really can’t eat eggs.  I have always been allergic to them and whole eggs make me very sick but they’ve always been fine cooked into cakes, yorkies & meringues.  Now I only have to touch a raw egg and I start to feel sick, my head hurts, I feel really dizzy and wheezy.  (Ironically Elodie is the most allergic to eggs – coincidence??)! So began my quest to refine egg free baking – over the last year I have conquered vegan chocolate cake, perfected vegan coffee cake, even sorted vegan fruity muffins AND FINALLY today I have made completely freefrom carrot cake! I cannot stress how excited I am!   Unfortunately this particular baking experiment was carried out at about 7pm it was dark.  Cue spotlights in the kitchen, not […]

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (vegan & Glutenfree)

These little Pretty Vegan Coffee Cupcakes are eggfree, soyafree & dairyfree and were a birthday present for The Peachicks’ Nanny whose birthday it also is today!   They would also be perfect for Mothers Day.  I have been meaning to make a dairy free, egg free coffee cake for a while but haven’t really got around to it on account of the Peachicks being such fans of the chocolate version. Coffee is one of my favourite ingredients to add to a cake and you can find the recipe for both my Dairy Free Vanilla Latte Cake and Vegan Mocha Cakes.  The last few days in France have been lovely, no internet, no work and no TV so I have actually had time to write a few blog posts and try out some new recipes.  You can read about our adventures in France as part of The Peachick Invasion series […]

Pretty Vegan Coffee Cupcakes – Perfect for Mother’s Day Tea!

A great grab & go breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up – either way these Vegan Museli Muffins are very delicious! I’m a big fan of food having a range of textures when you eat it and the soft muffins contrast really nicely with the crunchy museli topping; these little muffins are also packed full of energy courtesy of the grated dark chocolate, seeds and dried fruit (perfect for a morning den building, Gruffalo hunting and mark making with sticks in the woods!) They are also really good for lunchboxes and keep the Peachicks fuelled for the last few hours of school so they are only mildly ravenous when they get home. Makes 12 Muffins

Dairy Free & Egg Free Museli Muffins

Its been a funny few weeks in this house I am still wondering whether it all really happened or not to be honest!  First we win 2 tickets to the Cake & Bake Show and then I get offered a place at BlogCamp with Tots100 in London (sooo exciting!!) then I get offered a really good job which means I have to turn down said place AND THEN I get given notice that the job has fallen through because the Pre-school overestimated their numbers and can’t afford to take anyone else on but only after I had turned down BlogCamp AND told the agency I no longer needed work from them!  In between all of this there has been Peachick Parents Evenings, a nasty spider bite, horrible illness AND the ginger Peachick biting a hole almost all the way through her tongue!  It’s safe to say none of us […]

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes and a funny old few weeks!

Fresh fruit can be expensive, particularly berries so when I find them just going out of date and discounted I stock up the freezer!  Today I have stocked up with fresh raspberries and blueberries – some in the freezer and some I made into these muffins!  They are sooo good its going to be very hard not to eat them all, although I am sure the Peachicks will devour the lot when they get home! These are totally vegan with a lower than usual quantity of refined sugar (I used organic golden caster sugar) and grated apple to replace the eggs.  The fresh fruit stays put in the thick mixture and turns all jammy.  I really like the how the blueberries pop when you eat them.  The tart raspberries are amazing and the little bit of fresh grated ginger just gives a bit of gentle warmth to the muffins […]

Raspberry & blueberry muffins (egg/dairy/soya free!)

Nothing says summer like fresh berries and I happen to have in my fridge right now some lovely fresh homegrown redcurrants (courtesy of Grump’s PYO!) – well OK the slightly squished  sticky ones that were left after the Peachicks’ demolished the rest!   But that is the great thing about cakes, you can use up all the berries that were somewhat over enthusiastically picked, either in the batter or, as in this case, in the cream for the filling. Add to that the left over shop bought buttercream that is left in the fridge – left over from Vegan chocolate fudge cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and crushed salted pretzels – and I am happy, I do hate leftovers!  We are making our summer holiday trip to the wilds of Wiltshire today to see my family and was looking for a recipe as tradition dictates that we always make something […]

Lemon Drizzle and Poppy Seed mini cakes with Redcurrant cream

Chocolate Peppermint cupcakes with vanilla frosting    &    Raspberry Macaroons  By the time this post gets published tomorrow me and the girls will be on the road for our annual adventure to visit my family.  It’s a day we always look forward to, with family living so far away we don’t get to see them anywhere near as much as I would like.  So as you can imagine there are some very excited Peachicks in this house this week!  My Nanny has a very special birthday coming up next week and so we are making up some special treats to take with us – some chocolate peppermint cupcakes, a batch of raspberry macaroons (the coffee ones were a disaster) AND the biggest Peachick is knitting her a little something too!   Plus its a good excuse for me to use my new find – silver shimmer spray (I’ve used the Dr […]

Special birthday, special treats!! (Chocolate Mint Cupcakes & Raspberry Macaroons)