Pastry & Pies

These Vegan Olive Tomato & Basil Swirls are full of lovely Mediterranean flavours and perfect to show off the fruity flavour of Olive Oil. They are dairyfree, suitable for vegans and easy to make gluten-free by using suitable puff pastry. Gluten free pastry is becoming more readily available in supermarkets but check the ingredients its not always soyfree or vegan.

Vegan Olive, Tomato & Basil Swirls

Having a massive box of apples sat in the kitchen means lots of yummy baking and this Vegan Apple Crumble Pie is just one of the delicious things we have made with them!  My tangy apple sauce made with a hit of Apple Cider Vinegar was another one and I will add it to all our other apple recipes soon!  On a cold Autumn Sunday afternoon there is few things better than coming home after a stomp in the sunshine to a slice of warm apple pie or bowl of crumble and custard… In this situation though there is a traditional argument that erupts between those in this house that want pie and those that want crumble! Cue one Mummy stuck in the middle getting very fed up of listening to it et Voila – a fab compromise – this very lovely Vegan Apple Crumble Pie with caramel sauce! […]

Vegan Apple Crumble Pie

Easy Peasy Dairyfree Pop-in Sausage Rolls with Onion Chutney 2
These Easy Peasy Dairyfree Pop-in Sausage Rolls with Onion Chutney are called Pop-in Sausage Rolls for two reasons, mainly because if you pop in to ours round about Christmas time you are almost guaranteed to be fed a version of these! Usually either with onion chutney, cranberry sauce or apple sauce in depending on what we have in the fridge! These are free from dairy, egg, soya, nuts & sesame and the filling is gluten free so just swap the puff pastry for a gluten free option!

Easy Peasy Dairyfree Pop-in Sausage Rolls with Onion Chutney

Last night I went off to one of my very bestie’s house for dinner after another busy week with the Peachicks.  Miss J went and raided Aldi for some antipasti bits (those tomatoes with black pepper – yum!) and I provided the savoury tart – more beautiful beef tomatoes and caramelised onions in a wholewheat pastry shell.  All washed down with several cups of hot tea and lots of nattering – perfect end to a busy week.  I’m am now looking forward to a restful weekend – well as restful as it can be with a week’s worth of 3 Peachicks and a hubby’s mess to clean up!   The girls had an INSET day on Monday so we spent the day at the zoo (yes I do think we should have our own parking space!).   E wanted to show her sister’s the new little rhino who has just […]

Dinner with the Bestie – Tomato & Basil Tart!

Pumpkin carving season in this house is definitely a favourite and Daddy Peacock’s carving designs are always popular with the kids trick or treating in the area.  This year we are away for Halloween and will be spending the day at Colchester Zoo, the girls are going dressed up and we are taking a pumpkin for their carving display. This year’s design looks amazing and needed to be after we were given some beautiful pumpkins this year from a friends grandparents… the Peachicks decided on the smaller to mid-sized pumpkins leaving the giant ones for their little twinnie twiglet friends (the little one is from the supermarket and although it looks lovely on the outside was completely furry and unusable inside!).  With homegrown pumpkins like this we definitely needed to make something yummy with the insides so I spent the best part of yesterday in the kitchen!   If […]

Pumpkins!! Pies, soup, cupcakes & flapjacks!

This wasn’t destined to be by next blog entry there should have been one between the ice-cream cakes and this….  There isn’t.  The experiment with egg-free coffee cake was a disaster, even the peachicks wouldn’t eat it and it was unceremoniously chucked in the bin!  Reeling from kitchen defeat and run off my feet with bored Peachicks I haven’t attempted anything else for a while but a lovely crop of rhubarb in the garden means I’m going to try mini pies!   Pastry is not my favourite to make or bake with… it just never seems to work the same every time!  It usually tastes alright just doesn’t resemble the lovely crumbly, flaky pastry that sits and stares at me from the pages of my many recipe books!   This recipe seems to have worked these pies were just divine – could’ve done with more rhubarb I reckon but […]

Rhubarb & Peach Mini Meringue Pies