Light and fluffy, Vegan Cheese & Chive Scones. Dairyfree but full of flavour thanks to the vegan parmesan & fresh chives! Most people will be familiar with those sweet or fruit filled ones but have you ever tried a Savoury scone? Yum! These Vegan Cheese & Chive Scones are great with slow cooker stews or even better a nice hot bowl of my Creamy Vegan Butternut Squash Soup.

Vegan Cheese & Chive Scones (Dairyfree, Soyfree)

Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones 15
This week (8th-14th August) is both Allotment Week AND Afternoon Tea Week so what better recipe to celebrate both than a scone recipe using beautiful homegrown blackberries?!  And here they are, Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones!  You’ve heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Ever since we have lived together we have always grown our own fruit & veg.  While we were at uni this was a couple of pots; mainly herbs on the windowsill, runner beans and strawberries.  These days, we live in a house with very little garden, chosen as I am sure a lot of parents do, for the schools it is in catchment for.  Our veggie patch is about 2ftx6ft plus a few pots, an upcycled pirate water tray and a GIANT bramble patch growing up an old tree!   Whilst we wait for an allotment* we make the best […]

Allotment Week – Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones

Hot cross buns might be a more traditional Easter treat but for those of us who are dairyfree, eggfree and are allergic to oranges they are a bit of a bust! These Vegan Apple & Cinnamon Scones have the flavours of hot cross buns and have the advantage of being much quicker to make. If you are quite organised they can be ingredients to plate in less than 30minutes!  They are also vegan, being made with dairyfree margarine & milk alternative BUT you can just substitute cows milk and butter 1:1 for them. You may have noticed a few recipes for scones on here, they are one of my favourite things to make and I’d like to think over the years I have perfected the finer details.  Although they are not difficult to make there are a few golden rules to ensure the lightest, fluffliest scones possible!  As they […]

Apple & Cinnamon Easter Scones (vegan, eggfree, dairyfree)

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and these Raspberry & Lemon Scones would be perfect for any Afternoon Tea.  They are packed full of Rasberry Powder (see Nutriseed Review) and fresh lemon juice.  Being dairyfree and egg free they are suitable for almost everyone, we covered ours in Seedless Raspberry Jam, topped with leftover lemon buttercream  and sprinkled with lemon zest!  They would be equally amazing with jam and clotted cream if you are not avoiding dairy.  The raspberry powder gives the scone dough a slight purple/grey tinge that cooks out in the oven leaving a delicate raspberry flavour.  I only used a tablespoon of raspberry powder but I think I could have added another!   Scones are so easy to make, no matter whether they are dairy free or not they are light and fluffy!  The flavour combinations you can make are endless; juices and syrups are one way […]

Vegan Raspberry & Lemon Scones

Its finally got cold, really cold.  Really really cold if like us you only have heating in select rooms of the house upstairs and nothing downstairs!  To make things worse I have been in bed most of the week with a flu sort of thing so we have resorted to using the oven to help heat the house.  Being completely against wasting this energy (although being warm doesn’t feel like a waste) we have been cooking in it at the same time. On Wednesday I finally felt well enough to be upright and was actually hungry so whipped up a batch of these scones.  I may have mentioned before that I love scones, easy to make, the list of flavours are endless AND they can go from mixing bowl to table in under half an hour (v imp with starving Peachicks!) They are so good and despite the wholewheat flour so […]

Wholewheat vegan cheese scones

In honour of the crazy birthday months that are August & September in this house, enjoy a Guest Peachick Post…  Here’s Alys’ Vegan Coconut & Lime Scones! Hi it’s Alys again! Today I’m making birthday scones to go with Nanny’s home made jam! I’m making them because it’s my Grumps’ birthday.  Grumps helped me make them!  The scones are coconut lime flavour with dried fruit inside. I asked Grumps if he wanted to make them circles or stars.  He chose stars so that’s what we made.      Mummy Peacock says… these scones are light and fluffy and really lovely served warm with jam (we had some of Nanny’s homemade jam left) for afternoon tea.  We had them with a nice hot cup of tea to celebrate Grumps’ birthday (also mine and Daddy Peacock’s wedding anniversary!) and they didn’t last long!     Recipe for Alys’ Vegan Coconut & Lime Scones […]

Guest Peachick Post: Coconut and Lime Birthday Scones!

Today is the day of our annual Summer Fete & Open Day at work so I have spent the morning having a word with the big black clouds that have appeared overhead.  Luckily for me I’ll be inside all morning showing people around so I won’t get wet but there’s a lot of things planned for the kids to do; would be nice if the sun was shining for them! Anyhoo you may think working right in the middle of the day at the weekend would eat into my prime baking time, well you are wrong!  Weirdly and I am not sure why but today I feel strangely awake add to that a lack of anything nice for Saturday Breakfast and I decided to make scones! Now I feel like I should explain the Saturday Breakfast tradition that occurs in our house.  Everyday we have cornflakes and sultanas for […]

Saturday Breakfast: Strawberry & Lemon Thyme Scones

(Dairy, Egg and Soya Free) Scone… or Scone?!  Doesn’t really work in print does it?!  Needless to say they are absolutely delicious – Definite hit with even the scone connoisseurs in this family!     This is my well used, trusted dairy & soya free scone recipe prepared in a quiet few minutes on a Sunday afternoon and greedily consumed by all with a nice oat milk hot chocolate.  Start to finish it only takes about 25minutes to rustle up a batch of these perfect for when family drop in unexpectedly whether they are dairy/soya free or not!  N.B  If nuts are an issue simply replace the hazelnut milk with oat milk to make fruit scones.    Ingredients: 1lb (450g) Self Raising Flour 2oz (50g) Sugar (we use granulated because it cheap and it works fine!) 2oz (50g) Dairy/soya free spread 4oz Sultanas About half a pint (275ml) Hazelnut […]

Hazelnut & sultana scones