Having a massive box of apples sat in the kitchen means lots of yummy baking and this Vegan Apple Crumble Pie is just one of the delicious things we have made with them!  My tangy apple sauce made with a hit of Apple Cider Vinegar was another one and I will add it to all our other apple recipes soon!  On a cold Autumn Sunday afternoon there is few things better than coming home after a stomp in the sunshine to a slice of warm apple pie or bowl of crumble and custard… In this situation though there is a traditional argument that erupts between those in this house that want pie and those that want crumble! Cue one Mummy stuck in the middle getting very fed up of listening to it et Voila – a fab compromise – this very lovely Vegan Apple Crumble Pie with caramel sauce! […]

Vegan Apple Crumble Pie

Elderflower & Red Grape Presse Jelly… …with a crunchy crumb*, gold chocolate ganache truffles, mini meringues, raspberries & raspberry sauce.  An elegant but easy to make Freefrom Christmas Dessert! Ok so firstly yes I know its a bit late for posting a Christmas dessert recipe but it would be a nice end to any dinner party or New Years meal! I am quite proud of this little dessert and I am definitely looking forward to tucking into it on Christmas day.  Being allergic to oranges, dairy & eggs shop bought Christmas desserts are usually a complete right off and to be honest I am not paying a ridiculous amount of money for a jelly in the shops.  Usually we end with not a lot for dessert which is ok really because lets be honest who has room for dessert after Christmas dinner?!  To be honest I got a bit […]

Freefrom Christmas Day Dessert!

These Vegan Baked Nectarine & Blackberry Crumble Surprise are perfect for cold autumn days or a quick & easy Breakfast! They are a great way to use up nectarines that are a little past their best.  The soft nectarine & sharp blackberries go really nicely with the crunchy crumble topping and are great smothered in dairyfree custard!   We don’t often have desserts in this house but dinner with one of my best girlies necessitates something special!  I spent a lovely evening chatting and putting the world to rights (blenders you have been told!) over a very yummy dinner and several mugs of tea!  Dessert was my offering to the food and although I love crumbles they are just too heavy for the summer – they are most definitely winter comfort food – so these baked nectarines are a perfect summer alternative.  This time of year we are lucky […]

Baked Nectarine and Blackberry Crumble Surprise

 Ok so hands up – who doesn’t like a good pudding on a Sunday afternoon??  So whilst being dairy/soya free can seem a little restricting at times where puddings are concerned the peachicks seem to manage perfectly ok.  Their absolute favourite is currently crumble inspired by their great favourite book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson… when asked what they would like for their pudding after their sunday roast each week the same answer comes back… Gruffalo Crumble (not sure what they would actually do if I did give them gruffalo crumble)… Mummy says lovely how about fruit instead??  One crumble they seem to get a lot of is tinned peach &… either apples, pears or frozen mixed berries.  As the veggie box came yesterday they are getting pear with their tinned peaches! Now I know traditionally crumble topping is made with butter but obviously we can’t do that so […]

Peach & Pear Crumble

So Stage 2 of the milk reintroduction has ended in spectacular failure!  Poor littlest Peachick has a back covered in hives which she scratched until they bled…  and so milk reintroduction goes no further! To cheer up the littlest Peachick and her poorly older sister (stinking cold) I have spent the afternoon making a Peachick friendly pavlova.  It’s completely dairy & soya free and contains three of their favourite foods…. Meringue, Dark Chocolate & Jelly!  Who could not love any dessert that contains one let alone all three of them?! This Pavlova is by no means complete – this recipe is just a base for whatever fruit you fancy adding.  All you need to do is change the jelly flavour, decorate with a complimentary fruit and finish off with a drizzle of melted chocolate!  The separate bits of this dessert can be made ahead of time – a day […]

The Peachick’s Pavlova

This wasn’t destined to be by next blog entry there should have been one between the ice-cream cakes and this….  There isn’t.  The experiment with egg-free coffee cake was a disaster, even the peachicks wouldn’t eat it and it was unceremoniously chucked in the bin!  Reeling from kitchen defeat and run off my feet with bored Peachicks I haven’t attempted anything else for a while but a lovely crop of rhubarb in the garden means I’m going to try mini pies!   Pastry is not my favourite to make or bake with… it just never seems to work the same every time!  It usually tastes alright just doesn’t resemble the lovely crumbly, flaky pastry that sits and stares at me from the pages of my many recipe books!   This recipe seems to have worked these pies were just divine – could’ve done with more rhubarb I reckon but […]

Rhubarb & Peach Mini Meringue Pies

When the Peachicks demanded a repeat batch of mint meringues this morning I decided to multi-task; meringues for the girls, sorbet for the heat and all wrapped up in a floral theme for this month’s Tea Time Treats Table!  The meringue flowers didn’t quite hold their shape probably something to do with the 30C heat outside our kitchen but I quite like them anyhow! The recipe for the meringues is slightly different, I wanted to see if cocoa powder and mint leaves would be a good substitute for the chocolate peppermint leaves.  It would appear that they are!  This small test batch of meringues is in fact gone; probably helped by the mixed berry sorbet in the middle of them.  The chocolate, mint and berries work really nicely together and the flower shape is really, really easy to do! The recipe for the Sorbet is here. So, first make the meringue…. […]

Summer Pansies – Pretty Meringues!

  So I wake up this morning and all I want is carrot cake, a lovely mini square of moist carrot cake with a good spread of cream cheese frosting over the top and a tidgy little marzipan carrot on top.  Hmm carrot cake, it is my ultimate no peachicks allowed, coffee out with the girls treat.  Sadly there are no such plans afoot so no carrot cake for me :(… Don’t feel too sorry for me, my lovely friend who I just happen to work with took me out for dinner last night… nachos, hunters chicken and half a giant ice cream/chocolate fudge sauce cookie cup later I think maybe I can wait for carrot cake!  I realise I could just make carrot cake – I have all the ingredients, every last one, but I also have a noisy house full and that is just not the way […]

Chocolate Peppermint Meringues!

Macarons 1
Great Nanny & Grandad are coming over for Easter Sunday dinner today,  so all treats have to be free of gluten as well as the usual suspects of dairy & soya.  The answer?  Dark mint chocolate & raspberry macaroons, pictured here, guarded by colourful Easter chicks so that there are some left for Sunday afternoon tea! Perfect Pink Macaroons or Mini Pink Hamburgers?! These beautiful macaroons have been adapted from a recipe on The Pink Whisk site: I used the same quantities in the buttercream but left out the cream when I realised oat cream isn’t gluten free (doh!) and used dairy free spread (butter) and very dark chocolate (white chocolate) as substitutes!  

Macaroons & Dairy Free Fruit Cake