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Allergy friendly meals the whole family can eat and enjoy together!

These Dairyfree Sultana Teacakes are made with a dough enriched with sultanas, Koko Dairyfree and Vitalite Spread, making them dairyfree, eggfree and suitable for vegans too!   April is here and I actually can’t quite believe I am saying this… not only is Easter is nearly upon us but The Peachicks’ Bakery is officially 5 years old!  Yikes!  It wasn’t that long ago that Daddy Peacock casually suggested I replaced all my scrappy old recipe notebooks with a website and the rest as they say is history!  You can read the first post here.  So much has changed around here, not least in that we now have 3 Peachicks… each as crackers as the next and each with a list of allergies as distinct as their personalities!  The milk, eggs and soy are common to them all, its just some of them tolerate it better than others.  Happily it […]

Celebrating 5 Years of The Peachicks’ Bakery with Dairyfree Sultana ...

Need a speedy midweek meal, using store cupboard essentials that is full of veggies that the little people will love too? Then look no further because my Millie has the perfect recipe for you. I give you Millie's Marvellous Minestrone served with crunchy Parmesan crusted courgette wedges. Jar to table in no time at all, leaving time free for all that last minute homework the Peachicks suddenly remember needs to be done! Full of aubergines, mushrooms and a great way to use up all those left over tiny pasta bits; it also has added dairyfree milk so is a great way of getting vitamins as well as calcium into the little people! It is Vegan and easy to make Glutenfree too, just swap the pasta.

Millie’s Marvellous Minestrone (Thank Goodness for Dolmio Challenge)

#RecipeRefurb Challenge Week 1 - Slow Cooker Rosemary & Garlic Lamb Breast. 4
#RecipeRefurb Challenge #1 - This week its an update of a popular vintage Peachicks' Bakery recipe! This Slow Cooker Rosemary & Garlic Lamb Breast takes a cheap cut of meat and turns in into an easy, elegant midweek feast for the whole family! Stuffed with red onion, garlic and fresh rosemary, rolled and then roasted on a bed of seasonal root veggie in a slow cooker for around 6hours.

#RecipeRefurb Challenge #1 – Slow Cooker Rosemary & Garlic Lamb ...

Creamy Cheesy Vegan Potato & Kale Spring Salad, perfect way to banish those winter blues and full of immune boosting vitamins to keep the bugs away! This dish is freefrom most of the Top14 allergens as its freefrom dairy, eggs & soy as well as gluten (check cornichon ingredients) but noone will be able to tell the difference! This is a great stand alone salad that is delicious warm and even better cold the day after. It also makes a great side dish to your favourite grilled fish, meat or vegan alternative. The yoghurt dressing can be made in a big batch and kept for dunking veggies in for the rest of the week!

Creamy Cheesy Vegan Potato & Kale Spring Salad with Tesco.

These Vegan Olive Tomato & Basil Swirls are full of lovely Mediterranean flavours and perfect to show off the fruity flavour of Olive Oil. They are dairyfree, suitable for vegans and easy to make gluten-free by using suitable puff pastry. Gluten free pastry is becoming more readily available in supermarkets but check the ingredients its not always soyfree or vegan.

Vegan Olive, Tomato & Basil Swirls

Christmas is nearly upon us… yep I’ve said it! And the weather, even down here, has turned cold. This One Pot Slow Cooked Ham in a Dairyfree, Creamy Sage Sauce is the perfect dinner to warm everyone up on a cold winters day. Peachicks are big fans of ham joints, you know the big ones that are roasted, basted & glazed for the Christmas celebrations! Well they are actually a really lovely, cheap and fuss free way to feed the family the whole year through.   Its also quite nice to arrive home from work and have food already sorted so happily this dish works as well in a casserole dish on the hob (1hour) or in a slow cooker left to its own devices for the day on low! AND bonus – not only does it all cook in one pot but this is a very cheap family […]

One Pot Slow Cooked Ham with a Creamy Sage Sauce ...

The start of the year is always really busy for me on a work front so enjoy a guest post from Daddy Peacock himself and a recipe for the fab one pot Daddy Peacock’s Slow Cooked Chunky Chilli…   The end of August and beginning of September are very busy & celebration heavy in this house.  Our eldest Peachick is now only one year from double figures (where did that go?!) we have been married a bit longer and I, Daddy Peacock, have reached the halfway milestone of my thirties!!  We were in France for Alys’ celebrations which meant allergies were put on hold (We wish!!) because as many of you know you can just switch them off when you fancy something a bit special, or you’re en vacances?!  This is Alys’ Vegan Caramel Coffee Apple Cake! For my birthday, we were planning a barbecue with family.  Some fish (probably mackerel or sardines) […]

Guest Post: Daddy Peacock’s Chunky Chilli

These little Mediterranean Swirly Bread rolls, filled with garlic, tomatoes and olives, have quickly become a staple of Elodie’s Preschool lunchboxes. She especially likes them with cherry tomato pieces in them as apparently they go pop! These rolls have no salt in them, are dairyfree, eggfree & soyfree, and keep really well in a sealed container. The added bonus of making them yourself is that you can make them as big or as small as you like! These are small enough to fit inside the cups of a normal muffin tin and can be sprinkled with dairyfree cheese before baking for an extra crunchy top!  For a non vegan/veggie version wafer ham slices work well but I wouldn’t keep them as long.  These little swirls are a lunchbox saviour – I make a batch on Sunday et voila the Ginger Peachick has lunch for the week!  It makes lunch […]

Elodie’s Mediteranean Swirly Bread (Eggfree, Dairyfree, soyfree)

It doesn’t matter if its a meat or vegetarian, every roast dinner needs golden crispy Yorkshire Puddings.  These Dairyfree Sage and Onion Yorkshire puddings fit the bill perfectly!  These particular ones are filled with Daddy Peacock’s rich & creamy (dairyfree) onion sauce as well as some beautiful British roast pork and topped with my homemade apple sauce.  Its British Food Fortnight and these Yorkies & their British Pork filling are a perfect celebration! In our house, the kitchen is generally mine.  I do 90% of the cooking but there is one thing that I am most definitely NOT allowed to cook.  One thing that Daddy Peacock’s talent at cooking is so immense I am not even allowed in the kitchen while he is making.  And that is Yorkshire Puddings.  Yep Daddy Peacock is the Yorkie King.  I have literally no idea how he manages it but everytime they come […]

Sage & Onion Yorkshire Puddings (Dairyfree)

September heralds the return of the school term and with it the challenge of allergy friendly lunchboxes! The Peachicks were excited to be sent a small selection of Pulsin Kids Fruit Oat Bars to try; these come in 3 flavours – Strawberry, Orange choc chip and Blackcurrant & Apple.  These bars are vegan, freefrom dairy, eggs, gluten & soya and count as 1 of your childs’ 5 aday.  The recipe is nutfree but the bars are made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts so may not be suitable for nut allergy suffers.  In addition they contain only natural sugars (except the Orange choc chip which has xylitol sweetener in.)   The bars look like most of the other similar lunchbox bars on the market and smell really lovely when the packets were opened!  As there was a possible peanut traces risk I didn’t try them but the […]

Peachick Approved: Pulsin Kids Fruity Oat Bars