Child-free Day and Grilled Peach Breakfast!

Today is an odd day, Elodie has gone back to nursery after the holidays, Alys has started yr4 and Millie has started yr 1 BUT I haven’t gone back to work.  So today I am in the bizarre position of having an empty house, no children, no husband and I have nothing to do!  Obviously in the last 8 years I have had the odd day on my own with no kids but I always have work or something to do – today I don’t – its weird – and kinda lonely!  I dropped them all off this morning and came home with no idea what to do  – when I say I have nothing to do I obviously have washing to do there is always washing in this house but I don’t want to do that so I am ignoring its existence in the hope it disappears!   I have a sort of plan today, come home put the dishwasher on, make breakfast and then… um…


Actually there is one thing that I am going to do today – I am going for a lunchtime swim because next Monday marks the start of the Aspire Channel Swim 2015 which I have signed up for and I really need to practise after a summer dealing with my ridiculously temperamental lungs!  Basically you swim 22 miles (the distance of the channel) over 12 weeks in your local pool to raise money for Aspire who support people with spinal cord injuries.  Swimming is good for my lungs, I don’t really understand why they don’t object to it but they don’t so this (at the moment) seems a bit of win-win.  I get to sort my asthma out and might just get it under control (alongside a LOT of medication) and keep it there so I can finally stop breastfeeding the ginger Peachick with the added benefit of raising some money for a good cause!   I will obviously let you know how I get on!




Our decking complete with mint plant, bunting, bbq and furniture!


My very lovely breakfast and perfect toast!

As a day to myself treat, I had breakfast outside on the decking when I got back from dropping the kids off.  A slice of Daddy Peacock’s home-made brown bread (toasted and spread with vitalite) and a grilled peach topped with fruit and seeds!  I don’t have toast very often as I am very fussy about it, it has to be grilled (not in a toaster), crunchy on the outside but not dry otherwise I can’t eat it as I usually have a sore throat from all my medication.  My favourite things to have on it are Marmite or Vitalite and it must be washed down with hot decaf tea!  The vitalite has to go on while the toast is still quite warm so it melts but not so hot that it soaks into the toast or goes runny… see I told you I was fussy!


The Peaches are easy to do and are a version of the Baked Nectarine’s that you can find here, but as I was having toast with it I opted to change the oaty crumble topping for a slightly different topping of dried fruit and seeds.  This would be really good with natural yoghurt over the warm peaches but I haven’t got any we made the scones with it at the weekend!


I sliced a peach in half and then twisted the two halves apart, they have been hanging around for a while so they are really squishy and slightly wrinkly so the stone pulled out easily.


Into the hole in each half I put a blackberry from the garden and sprinkled over some chopped dates, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. (I was going to add a handful of nuts but I couldn’t be bothered to chop them so I ate them while it cooked instead!)


This was carefully balanced on the grill pan with my toast, sprinkled with a tiny pinch of cinnamon and sugar (optional – you could leave out completely or drizzle with honey when its warm) and shoved under a medium hot grill for a couple of minutes.


Serve on a plate with some freshly picked mint out of the garden!


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