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Want to Work With Us, request a recipe or just say hi?  The Peachicks love hearing from you and (with a little help) answer everyone in between eating, playing and baking!

I’m Midge and I started The Peachicks’ Bakery in April 2012 as a way of recording the rollercoaster adventure that is being mum to an allergy family.  It was full of my attempts to keep two (now three!) little Itchy-scratchy Peachicks not only healthy but help them thrive on an ever restrictive diet thanks to all the allergies they have inherited from me.  In 2015, The Peachicks’ Bakery relaunched into the website it is today; an online recipe collection dedicated to making dairyfree a lot less daunting and eggfree baking easy!


Work With Us! The Peachicks Bakery - Making Dairyfree Less Daunting Since 2012!

All our recipes are freefrom dairy, eggs, soy and peanuts.  Most are glutenfree or easy to adapt and suitable for vegans.  


The Peachicks’ Bakery specialises in baking allergyfree treats using everyday store cupboard ingredients.  From bread to pancakes, picnic foods and cakes for special occasions we have a recipe for it all!  Vegan Scones savoury, sweet and in every flavour are definitely a speciality. There are also a lot of easy midweek family favourites, proving that catering for allergies doesn’t need to cost endless time or money!   And hopefully when the Peachicks do finally fly the nest and start catering for themselves these recipes will keep them well fed.

Work With Us! The Peachicks Bakery - Making Dairyfree Less Daunting Since 2012!


If you work for a brand or a PR agency and would like to work with The Peachicks (or me!) then we would love to hear from you. The Peachicks & I are also massive foodies despite allergies and love nothing better than spending the afternoon creating delicious freefrom treats, experimenting with new ingredients and checking out allergy friendly places to eat! While I do really enjoy developing brand new recipes, I also love getting lost in recipe books so I am always on the lookout for new ones to review.  We are particularly interested in products that support newly diagnosed allergy/asthma sufferers, activities to keep little people entertained and places where allergy sufferers can eat out safely.


So if your brand would be a good fit for The Peachicks’ Bakery then get in touch and join a growing list of brands we have worked with including Tesco, Jamie’s Italian, Moo Free Chocolate’s and Wayfair UK.


Either email Midge –



**Due to allergies to some beans, chickpeas and soy the Peachicks do eat have to eat some meat and fish to fufil their protein requirements.  As such some recipes do contain meat, fish or animal products.  All our Vegan recipes can be found here and we love working with vegan brands as they are naturally allergy friendly!**


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