Garlic Mushroom Tart

We eat a lot of mushrooms, they are cheap  and great for bulking out mince or meat dishes.  We especially like the giant flat mushrooms grilled or on the BBQ as an alternative for burgers served in one of Daddy Peacock’s homemade bread rolls.  One of our favourite meals of the week is Saturday breakfast, its the one day of the week we all have time to sit together and have something nice.  The girls are very partial to sparkly vegan pancakes served with golden syrup or a mixture of fruit, usually melon.


This morning we dropped the Peachicks off at school and nursery and came home to put the finishing touches to the new website so I treated us to a brunch of Daddy Peacock’s favourite garlic mushrooms.  Usually we put these on a nice slice of toasted homemade bread, but I had some puff pastry left over from something I made at the weekend so thought it would be nice to treat us to something fancy for brunch.  Using the garlic mushrooms this way takes a bit of time to make but its really good! The fresh garlic and rosemary goes really nicely with the mushrooms!



10 cup mushrooms

2 cloves of garlic

150ml Dairy Free Milk substitute (we now use Koko Milk as the baby Peachick does not tolerate Oat milk very well!)

1tsp Dairy Free Spread (Vitalite)

1/2tsp Fresh Rosemary

250g Puff pastry block˜


~ Check ingredients, some ready made puff pastry has soya flour in and some is made with butter.



  • Preheat the oven to 220C.



  • Slice Mushrooms and garlic and add with 1tsp of Olive Oil into a frying pan.  Fry over a low heat for 10mins, stirring occasionally.  After 10mins add the rosemary, dairy free spread and coconut milk (or whichever brand dairy free milk you prefer) and simmer on a medium heat for another 10mins until the liquid has reduced to almost nothing.  At this point leave to cool while rolling out the pastry.


  • Roll out the pastry into whichever shape you like, somehow when its a special occasion (like a child free brunch for me and Daddy Peacock this morning!) a rectangular tart seems a bit more fancy! As you can see its not an amazing rectangle – feel free to trim the pastry into a perfect one!


  • Using a pastry wheel, mark a border about an inch from the edge of the pastry and prick the pastry inside with a fork.  When the tart cooks it should leave a lovely crust outside of the tart to keep the filling in!


  • Spread the mushrooms over the top over the pastry making sure it stays inside the marked out border


  • Bake for 25-30mins until the pastry is golden brown and not soggy underneath!

20150713_102312 20150713_102302

  • This is really lovely served with some baby mixed leaves for lunch!

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