It only bloomin worked!!

Egg, Dairy & Soya Free Apple Cake!!

For so long now I have wanted to make an egg free cake, there have been numerous disasters and I sort of gave up and conceded that actually it just wasn’t going to work.  However I never really had any real incentive to make it work, although the peachicks and I can’t eat eggs we’ve always managed them in cakes…. the baby peachick decided she would be different (naturally!).  She can’t seem to tolerate eggs in anything except the odd over crispy, almost burnt Yorkshire pudding!  Cheese? No problem.  Yoghurt Raisins? Absolutely Fine.  BUT eggs? in cakes?? No way… the vomit volcano (sorry TMI) erupts!  Aaaaah!




So. Um. Bearing in mind the previous disasters I decided to use the rest of the lovely box of apples given to us by the in-laws to try an egg free cake.  The resulting cake like a cross between scone and sponge.  Its not as light and fluffy as a traditional sponge, its more like a fruit cake consistency but lovely and moist.


The other advantage of this is its quick to chuck together although it does take quite a while to cook… I would say chop the apple fairly small… I (of course) didn’t!  I think it would have distributed much better and probably resulted in a more cake-like consistency.  The other thing I quite like about this recipe is unlike other egg free recipes the ingredients list doesn’t sound like a pharmaceutical shopping list which always worries me about allergy friendly recipes.



4oz dairy-free marg

4oz granulated sugar

1tsp ground ginger (fancied a change from cinnamon & apples!)

12oz Self-raising flour

8oz chopped apple

2oz sultanans

0.4 pints of Oat Milk



Grease a loaf tin & preheat oven to moderate temperature (around 160C).

Cream the butter and sugar together with the ginger.

Mix the rest of the ingredients in gently until thoroughly combined.

Put in the loaf tin and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake until skewer comes out clean (well it will unless it goes through a piece of apple!)… This takes about 45mins to an hour.  It needs to cook long enough to be done but not long enough to dry it out.


Wait for it to cool (its worth it I promise!)… it will slice easier and enjoy with a nice cup of tea!

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