Lazy Sunday Breakfast Loaf


Today the Peachicks (and us!) are having a VERY lazy Sunday, it is gone 2.30pm and we are all still in our PJ’s on the sofa.  The reason for us all being so tired is we spent a lovely couple of days in Eastbourne for a wedding which meant the Peachicks spent yesterday running around like loons and dancing with their cousins until dark before driving home late into the night!  The wedding was lovely and the cake was AMAZING (anything with giant Seahorses on was always going to be a winner with me!!).  We all enjoyed ourselves yesterday, we were particularly excited that the ice cream stand after the ceremony had a range of sorbets and very impressed they didn’t spill a drop on themselves!  As always it was lovely to catch up with Daddy Peacock’s family that we don’t see very often!


As I type the Peachicks are catching up with their new favourite TV show – First Class Chefs (Disney Channel) and we are all getting very hungry!!  The girls really love watching the children on the show inventing and cooking different dishes and it seems to be inspiring the Biggest Peachick to try more in the kitchen.  This has led me to a bit of an idea for a summer holiday project but I’ll let her tell you about it in a few days!


Daddy Peacock spent yesterday looking after everyone (my lungs were protesting at the force of the sea breeze and a peanut laden dish in the buffet), running around after the Peachicks and then driving back last night!  In light of this I decided to make him something nice for breakfast, something a bit healthy after all the very nice food of yesterday!


This loaf was a bit of an experiment, it was supposed to be muffins but I couldn’t reach the muffin tray so it turned into a loaf!  It cooked in about 20mins but obviously adjust to your oven and keep an eye on it!  This is quite a dense cake and wonder if a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda might have made it a bit fluffier!



Serves 8209 Calories per serving
25g Sugar25g Golden Syrup
200ml Koko Dairy Free Milk40ml Vegetable Oil
100g Sultanas40g Assorted Seeds
100g Self-raising Flour100g Wholemeal Bread Flour
Handful of frozen berries



  • Preheat the oven to 170C, (it is high enough to cook the cake without burning the fruit!) and grease a loaf tin.  Put the frozen berries into a bowl and put to one side for the end!


  • Whisk the oil, sugar and golden syrup together in a bowl and add the Koko milk.


  • In a separate bowl mix the dry ingredients, including seeds and sultanas.


  • Gradually pour the wet in to the dry whilst stirring.  This makes a batter not as thick as cake batter and not as runny as American pancake batter!


  • Pour into the prepared loaf tin and decorate with a handful of frozen berries.  Finally bake for around 20mins until a skewer comes out clean!



20150719_114830 20150719_114650

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