Oat cream Onion Sauce 2

(ok not technically baking but yummy anyway!)

This is a Daddy Peacock creation, is very easy to cook and is delicious with all roast meats!  We usually have it with chicken, my favourite way of eating it is poured over mashed swede & carrot swimming in gravy!


1 Onion (we often use a red one but it tints the sauce a slightly odd colour!)
250ml Oat Cream (1 carton)
1tbsp Cornflour
1tsp (ish) Cooking oil (we use olive or sunflower)
Salt/Pepper to taste



First chop onion into thin ribbons or small dice and add to pan with olive oil.  Cook until soft. Pour in the oat cream and turn the heat to low.  In a little bowl mix the cornflour with enough of the liquid from the pan to make a smooth paste.  A couple of tablespoons of liquid is usually enough.


Add the paste to the pan and stir into sauce.  It shouldn’t take long to thicken the sauce but the cornflour will need cooking for a few minutes otherwise your sauce with be all floury when you taste it and that’s just not nice!


Add salt and pepper to taste.  We like lots of pepper and very little salt!


Onion sauce pictured here on my Easter Sunday Dinner Table yesterday!

In the unlikely event there is any sauce left Daddy Peacock recommends it cold in a roast meat leftover sandwich.  Apparently it’s his favourite part of being at work on a Monday!

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