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I LOVE cranberry sauce but a lot of them contain oranges or more helpfully are labelled as having ‘citrus’ in them which means I can’t eat them (disaster!).  So I make my own – this recipe uses frozen cranberries (they are usually cheaper), dried cranberries ( for a bit of texture), and lemon juice!  It takes literally 5 minutes to make and keeps for ages.  It is very tart so you can always add more sugar but we usually have honey roasted veggies and onion sauce which is quite sweet so this cranberry sauce provides a good balance!


*If you can’t eat any citrus I have had good results adding an apple to the mix instead of lemon juice, one small to medium apple peeled and grated should do the trick!


Obviously as with any jam making or actually anything involving melting sugar get VERY VERY hot so its not really one to make with little people.  Millie helps me make the cranberry sauce – she is in charge of adding all the ingredients to the pan and then stirring it all until the cranberries are soft & sugar dissolved.  Then she jumps down and we turn the heat up so the sugar can do its ‘boily jam making thing!’ (Peachick no 2 Christmas 2015)



300g Frozen cranberriesIMG_20151222_143732

100g Dried cranberries

Juice & Zest of a large lemon

100ml cold water

150g granulated sugar



This is a fairly simple recipe to be honest.  Weigh the ingredients and add to a saucepan – enlist a middle sized Peachick to stir it all together over a low heat until the sugar dissolves and the cranberries defrost & go soft.


Then (remove middle sized Peachick from the kitchen worktop) turn up the heat so the mixture starts to boil.  Keep stirring the mixture as it boils for about 5-10 mins – basically until it starts to look thick and syrupy… you will know it is ready when you can drag a finger through a dollop of it on the back of the wooden spoon and make a channel which stays for a few seconds.


Transfer the cranberry sauce into a jar (or pot) and refrigerate.  Eat on Christmas dinner and basically everything else you fancy… sandwiches are especially good!!




I have also added this to the Tea Time Treats linky – this month’s theme is ‘Sugar & Spice’ !  and is hosted by Janie from Hedgecomers & Karen from Lavender and Lovage!

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