Saturday Breakfast – Melon Pizza


There is only so much melon you can eat for breakfast before you start to wonder if there is another more exciting way to serve it.  Pinterest to the rescue – what should I spy but a pin for ‘watermelon pizza’, a quick search revealed that apparently people had topped their pizzas with all sorts of toppings!  (Although this is more for my benefit than the Peachicks who would just eat melon slices everyday!)  In the last veggie box we got some very lovely nectarines and passionfruit which are just ripe now, I added seeds to this but actually I don’t think they are really necessary (so i left them out the recipe) – the fruits on their own were really  lovely!


To be fair I am almost ashamed to call this a recipe, its just a cut up and juice a couple of things and then put together – so more of a flatpack instruction manual type affair I guess! (but much quicker – well ok definitely quicker than Daddy Peacock building flatpack!)




Serves: 5 (at least)Time: Very Speedy
1 melon sliced into rounds2 nectarines
1 passionfruitdrizzle of honey (optional)
handful of frozen berriesjuice and zest of half lemon
juice and zest of 1 lime







1.  Slice the melon across its width to make rings about half inch thick and scoop out the seeds.


2.  Thinly slice the nectarines and arrange on the melon rounds.


3.  Cut passionfruit in half and scoop out the seeds,  scatter over the pizza with the frozen berries.  You can leave the berries to defrost first if you want but I quite like them still slightly frozen (yes I know weird – but try it)!


P11607714.  Drizzle over lemon and lime juice and sprinkle a little of the zest if you want!


5. If using drizzle over the honey in thin zig zags and cut pizzas into portions!



I like serving this on a huge plate and letting everyone dig in!



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