Sunny Sunshine and a Sneaky trip to the Park! 10


This week has been lovely and sunny, the weather has definitely taken a turn for Spring! Hooray!


The evenings are getting lighter and this week we even managed a quick trip to the park after school! At the moment I find myself quite snowed under with work, the awful downside to my job, the paperwork that has to come home with me!  It means this weekend we probably wont manage our usual day out – although I am hopeful that Daddy Peacock will clean the house while I work on Saturday meaning I won’t have to Sunday!  The Peachicks & I often go to the park after school and my current workload makes these trips even more important!


We didn’t stay long but the kids enjoyed it and Daddy came on a tea break from working from home!


The trees around are here are looking pretty, especially the plum trees out the front!

P1180156 P1180172P1180160






The Peachicks in an unusually photogenic mood!!

A couple of monkeys on the monkey bars!!





A quiet big sister teaching moment on the swings!



And finally, the pretty primrose plant I bought for E’s birthday.  A primrose for my little Primrose!!  Its called Appleblossom and its really pretty!



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallWhilst this was only a short trip out I’m linking this up to #countrykids at Coombe Mill.  Def recommed hopping over and having a look as there are loads of ideas for getting out and about!


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10 thoughts on “Sunny Sunshine and a Sneaky trip to the Park!

  • Coombe Mill - Fiona

    The Peachicks look thrilled with this little bit of after school outdoor play. It really takes me back to when mine were at primary school. They used to plead to stay and play with friends at the park after school each night, and like you I felt it was an important hour out of my day to be with them, and catch up with the other Mums doing the same thing. I love all the blossom coming through where you are, ours seems to be late this year. Thank you for the lovely mention for #CountryKids and for sharing your gorgeous photos.

    • midgie Post author

      It is so important to get them out after a day at school especially as they get older and school becomes more formal and as we don’t really have much of a garden to speak of! The trees have been out since just after christmas which is crazy as its a lot earlier than normal, all our herbs have started to sprout too and the lettuce never really died off in the garden either! We’re almost on the South Coast here but enough inland that I think we are just a little bit sheltered!

    • midgie Post author

      We often joke that the ginger Peachick is really a baby orangutan! They are so cheeky! I’m loving driving to work in the sunshine where I leave so early its hard to get up when its dark!! Glad your little miss is on the mend! x