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These Dairyfree Sultana Teacakes are made with a dough enriched with sultanas, Koko Dairyfree and Vitalite Spread, making them dairyfree, eggfree and suitable for vegans too!   April is here and I actually can’t quite believe I am saying this… not only is Easter is nearly upon us but The Peachicks’ Bakery is officially 5 years old!  Yikes!  It wasn’t that long ago that Daddy Peacock casually suggested I replaced all my scrappy old recipe notebooks with a website and the rest as they say is history!  You can read the first post here.  So much has changed around here, not least in that we now have 3 Peachicks… each as crackers as the next and each with a list of allergies as distinct as their personalities!  The milk, eggs and soy are common to them all, its just some of them tolerate it better than others.  Happily it […]

Celebrating 5 Years of The Peachicks’ Bakery with Dairyfree Sultana ...

The Perfect Vegan Mother's Day Tea (dairyfree, eggfree recipes to make your mum a special treat - all easy to follow, no complicated ingredients! 6
Mother’s Day.  The one day of the year I leave Hubby & the Peachicks in charge of the kitchen.  I get some very lovely yummy treats made for me, either breakfast in bed, a Daddy Peacock Roast or if I am really lucky a special Afternoon Tea! This year I have decided to give them a bit of a hand (or should that be MASSIVE hint).  With a little help from some friends I have compiled a list of easy to make, delicious recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea!  So heads up Daddy Peacock – here is your challenge for Sunday Afternoon Tea! (Just remember the blankets & camping stove so we can find a nice sunny spot on the allotment to enjoy it!) *all the images in this post have been reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographers* Scones & Jam… Noone in their right […]

Tasty Recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea! (Dairyfree, ...

From the 8th to 14th August is Afternoon Tea Week, in this post I list all my top tips for a catering a Vegan or Freefrom Afternoon Tea!  With these recipes noone will ever be able to tell the  difference so there is no need to do separate menus!   I don’t know about you but Afternoon Tea has always been for special occasions, and is always the first meal we have on our annual Cornwall holiday. We even had afternoon tea as our wedding breakfast and have been known to treat ourselves to an Afternoon Tea Spa day at Careys Manor!  Mind you it can be hard to find an afternoon tea free of dairy, eggs & soya BUT a Freefrom or Vegan afternoon tea is surprisingly easy to acheive yourself!  There is very little adjustments needed and it means everyone can be accomodated! Sandwiches For me, the sandwiches for […]

Vegan Recipes for Afternoon Tea Week (Dairyfree, Soyafree)!

This recipe has taken a few attempts to get it just right, making Biscotti without the eggs has proved a little tricky.  I still think there is a bit of work to fine tune it but these Cranberry, Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Vegan Biscotti are really tasty and perfect with a nice strong coffee. If there are any left, these little Biscotti will store for a couple of weeks in an airtight container or make really pretty handmade gifts for all coffee lovers!  Anyone who followers either the Peachicks’ Bakery on Twitter and/or Instagram may have noticed I am a teeny-tiny bit of a coffee fan and so discovering that our local Starbucks stocks coconut milk was possibly one of the most exciting things to have happened in the last couple of weeks which I must admit have not been the best! This little corner of the web has […]

Cranberry, Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate Vegan Biscotti

The Peachicks were very excited to be sent a pack of Mrs O’s Fuss Free Cake mixes to review.  Especially as my lovely bestie has discovered that Gluten is REALLY not her friend and has been missing cake quite a lot since going gluten free. We were supposed to be going to the Childcare Expo together at Olympia to pick up some goodies for work but sadly I had to stay home at the last minute due to a poorly Peachick. She still went and then came here for tea afterwards complete with haul of goodies including some multiplication rainbows AND a very very cute set of owls designed to help kids with their number bonds! (if you have no idea what I am talking about – sorry!!)   Anyway, I made us all a very nice dinner of Ratatouille (recipe here.) Finished off with a yummy Victoria sandwich […]

Mrs O’s Eggfree & Gluten Free Cake Mix – Review

I do love a good Christmas party especially one involving lots of glittery crafty things, Santa & yummy food!  Yes you guessed it, it was our Christmas party morning at work and a lovely morning was had by all!  I made these little lovelies to take along – they are gluten & nut free and suitable for vegans!  The key to these biscuits is the Sugar & Crumbs Christmas Punch icing sugar, I discovered it and other flavours at the Cake & Bake show and am a big fan.  Although I haven’t tried these biscuits as the icing sugar has orange in it I am informed they are very nice! I don’t bake gluten free very often but this one is super easy and the dough is lovely and soft.  As all flours are different, especially gluten free mixes, you made need to gently knead more flour into the […]

Free from Christmas Spiced Biscuits!

In honour of the crazy birthday months that are August & September in this house, enjoy a Guest Peachick Post…  Here’s Alys’ Vegan Coconut & Lime Scones! Hi it’s Alys again! Today I’m making birthday scones to go with Nanny’s home made jam! I’m making them because it’s my Grumps’ birthday.  Grumps helped me make them!  The scones are coconut lime flavour with dried fruit inside. I asked Grumps if he wanted to make them circles or stars.  He chose stars so that’s what we made.      Mummy Peacock says… these scones are light and fluffy and really lovely served warm with jam (we had some of Nanny’s homemade jam left) for afternoon tea.  We had them with a nice hot cup of tea to celebrate Grumps’ birthday (also mine and Daddy Peacock’s wedding anniversary!) and they didn’t last long!     Recipe for Alys’ Vegan Coconut & Lime Scones […]

Guest Peachick Post: Coconut and Lime Birthday Scones!

Recently I was asked to create a completely organic recipe for Wayfair Uk as part of a series of recipes they were publishing to highlight organic food this month, Wayfair Uk have lots of lovely products (some in photos below) for your house and most importantly kitchen!  September is the month the Soil Association encourages us all to ‘Organic Your September‘, making small organic changes to the way we ‘Eat. Drink. Use. Choose.’  My small change is to bake organically – which I have discovered is easier than you might think.  (Did you know you can even get organic greaseproof paper?!)  All the ingredients for this cake came from my usual supermarket, and I have found that there are plenty of places to get them online too!   This Organic Carrot and Apple cake is light, fluffy and dairy/soya free – with my dairy free cream cheese style frosting! […]

Organic Carrot and Apple Cake

Nothing says summer like fresh berries and I happen to have in my fridge right now some lovely fresh homegrown redcurrants (courtesy of Grump’s PYO!) – well OK the slightly squished  sticky ones that were left after the Peachicks’ demolished the rest!   But that is the great thing about cakes, you can use up all the berries that were somewhat over enthusiastically picked, either in the batter or, as in this case, in the cream for the filling. Add to that the left over shop bought buttercream that is left in the fridge – left over from Vegan chocolate fudge cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream and crushed salted pretzels – and I am happy, I do hate leftovers!  We are making our summer holiday trip to the wilds of Wiltshire today to see my family and was looking for a recipe as tradition dictates that we always make something […]

Lemon Drizzle and Poppy Seed mini cakes with Redcurrant cream

End of a Crazy Week: Broken Fingers, Birthday Parties and Washing Mountain!   So…. we have had the most monumentally crazy week this week or at least that’s how it feels!  It began with an incident filled few days at work, had me covered in blood in the school car park in the middle and has ended with a rather large mountain of washing!     A pretty cake on my new pretty plate!  Present from my Nanny! Thursday (which is not my favourite day of the week to start with) was the worst day…    The littlest Peachick (LP), or little teapot as she is currently known, managed to follow her sister to the car and put her hand in the catch as the door was slammed shut.  She then proceeded to yank her hand back out of the door whilst it was still shut – it was […]

Afternoon Tea Apple Cake!