March is the month of the #FreeFromEaster treats. A whole month of freefrom treats perfect for a spot of Easter baking with the little people! It's brought to you by the lovely lot behind #FreeFromPancakes & if Feb was anything to go by you're going to be spoilt for choice! Here is my contribution - Apple Date & Walnut Hot Cross Buns (Glutenfree, Vegan & CitrusFree) They are completely Peachick Friendly as they contain no gluten, soy, egg, milk or citrus peel like traditional Hot Cross Buns. Perfect for celebrating a #FreeFromEaster with the whole family... and best of all the kids can get involved with making them too!

#FreeFromEaster – Apple Date & Walnut Hot Cross Buns (Glutenfree, ...

Hot cross buns might be a more traditional Easter treat but for those of us who are dairyfree, eggfree and are allergic to oranges they are a bit of a bust! These Vegan Apple & Cinnamon Scones have the flavours of hot cross buns and have the advantage of being much quicker to make. If you are quite organised they can be ingredients to plate in less than 30minutes!  They are also vegan, being made with dairyfree margarine & milk alternative BUT you can just substitute cows milk and butter 1:1 for them. You may have noticed a few recipes for scones on here, they are one of my favourite things to make and I’d like to think over the years I have perfected the finer details.  Although they are not difficult to make there are a few golden rules to ensure the lightest, fluffliest scones possible!  As they […]

Apple & Cinnamon Easter Scones (vegan, eggfree, dairyfree)

Fresh fruit can be expensive, particularly berries so when I find them just going out of date and discounted I stock up the freezer!  Today I have stocked up with fresh raspberries and blueberries – some in the freezer and some I made into these muffins!  They are sooo good its going to be very hard not to eat them all, although I am sure the Peachicks will devour the lot when they get home! These are totally vegan with a lower than usual quantity of refined sugar (I used organic golden caster sugar) and grated apple to replace the eggs.  The fresh fruit stays put in the thick mixture and turns all jammy.  I really like the how the blueberries pop when you eat them.  The tart raspberries are amazing and the little bit of fresh grated ginger just gives a bit of gentle warmth to the muffins […]

Raspberry & blueberry muffins (egg/dairy/soya free!)

Recently I was asked to create a completely organic recipe for Wayfair Uk as part of a series of recipes they were publishing to highlight organic food this month, Wayfair Uk have lots of lovely products (some in photos below) for your house and most importantly kitchen!  September is the month the Soil Association encourages us all to ‘Organic Your September‘, making small organic changes to the way we ‘Eat. Drink. Use. Choose.’  My small change is to bake organically – which I have discovered is easier than you might think.  (Did you know you can even get organic greaseproof paper?!)  All the ingredients for this cake came from my usual supermarket, and I have found that there are plenty of places to get them online too!   This Organic Carrot and Apple cake is light, fluffy and dairy/soya free – with my dairy free cream cheese style frosting! […]

Organic Carrot and Apple Cake

I got given a box of beautiful cooking apples by the in-laws last night and the smell of them has slowly infiltrated the kitchen over night.  I have several plans afoot for these little beauties, mostly sweets I confess, but this recipe is a nice versatile little number.  It can be made with chicken or pork, works well with wine or milk (or dairy free alternative) instead of water and can have a whole host of veggies added to it to make it a wholesome hassle free family dinner!  I also think for a more comforting, wintery dish the addition of mashed potato and/or herby breadcrumbs would be fab after a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine! I have chosen to use a packet of chicken breasts that were destined for a bbq but were spared on account of the lovely fresh mackerel we had in the fridge!  The […]

One Pot Chicken Breast & Apple Roast!

So as explained the littlest Peachick has successfully passed Stage 1 of milk re-introduction and we are venturing as of yesterday into Stage 2.  To celebrate I made these apple filled cinnamon buns made with an enriched dough containing skimmed milk!  24hours on so far so good!  I’m pretty sure milk everyday will not continue after the experiment as we don’t have it in the house everyday but it will be good to know if she goes to a friend’s house/party we won’t have to worry about what she eats (other than soya which is a whole different kettle of fish entirely!). We also have another reason to celebrate at the moment.. Today I am 17weeks pregnant with Peachick no3!  Yes I am probably mad and no it was not planned in any way but I don’t care I am very excited!  I am hoping to finish work around […]

Celebratory Cinnamon Breakfast Bun recipe!

The weather is awful & our fence has once again fallen into next door’s garden and bits of the shed are strewn across ours!  It’s so cold and grey it could be winter again, cue the traditional sunday roast but its the end of April so I feel like I should be making slightly more summery dishes.  I opted for a compromise, roast chicken with roast potatoes and a light dairy free cauliflower cheese/cauliflower bake and tried a new flapjack recipe for afternoon tea! Henny the Hen with a well deserve cup of tea & pile of Flapjacks Cauliflower Bake It did look lovely, unfortunately it got eaten before I could take a photo!  I think that means they enjoyed it! Getting enough calcium and calories into the Peachicks is a daily battle, they need carefully calculated amounts of the first to keep their bones strong and the latter […]

No Cheese Cauliflower Cheese & Apple Cinnamon Flapjacks