Birthday Cake

This Vegan Bailey's Birthday Cake is infused with the flavours of the famous liqueur but without any of the dairy. The sponge is delicately flavoured with whiskey, cocoa and vanilla which compliments perfectly the dairyfree white chocolate, coffee buttercream! With a subtle whiskey hit, this is the perfect cake for any lover of Baileys but definitely not one for the children! The cake was decorated to order with a lilac fondant, peach roses and handmade swirly Peacock Feathers.

Vegan Baileys Birthday Cake Filled with Creamy Dairyfree White Chocolate, ...

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake - An Easy Layered Vegan Angel Cake 7
It's official, the Ginger Peachick is 4! Obviously the occasion calls for cake and here it is - The Ginger Peachick's Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake - An Easy Vegan Layered Angel Cake, flavoured with blackcurrant, lemon and vanilla & sandwiched with jam, cocoa buttercream and fresh strawberries. Handily made with two tiers so you can eat the bottom layer leaving the top tier as a pretty standalone cake!

Ginger Peachick’s Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake – Easy Vegan Layered ...

This Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge is super easy to make. It's also light and fluffy but sturdy enough to filled & covered in fondant for special occasions! This recipe makes one 20cm cake which you can slice into 2 or 3 ready for filling with jam & buttercream. You can also easily vary the flavour of this basic sponge recipe by using nut milks or adding coffee, chocolate or citrus zests! It is dairyfree, eggfree, nutfree and easy to adapt to Glutenfree, by replacing the flour with the same quantity of Doves farm glutenfree flour.

Essential Allergy Friendly Recipes: Vegan Vanilla Victoria Sponge Cake

So I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Having crossed to the otherside of the big 3-0 birthday I am loving my birthdays again (don’t ask about the 30th… it involved sickness bugs and general sulking!).  This year the plan was breakfast out followed by a picnic at the zoo… It was lovely, amazing breakfast and a lovely sunny but cold day wandering around Marwell!  But obviously all you lot want to know is what cake did I have (spot the ones who haven’t checked out the facebook page!!).  I had some pistachios, hazelnuts, dates and dark chocolate lying around the house and decided my present to myself would be to dispense with fondant – I HATE FONDANT!! Well ok I dont I love messing around making flowers and cutting out shapes I just hate trying to get it smooth without sticking my fingers through it! My […]

Birthday cakes, eggs and a trip to the zoo!

Happy Birthday Littlest Peachick!!   And here is a picture of her birthday cake its her favourite animal second only to piggies…. a turtle!   This cake has taken a while to make, its all dairy/soya free too!  The inside is a  chocolate cake with homemade blueberry sauce  and dark chocolate buttercream between the layers!     What do you think?! I quite like him actually…    

Happy Birthday Littlest Peachick – Millie’s 2nd Birthday!!