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Everyone loves a good chocolate cake. And this Easy Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake (Dairyfree Eggfree) from The Peachicks' Bakery is definitely a very, very good chocolate cake! 20
Everyone loves a good chocolate cake. And this Easy Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake (Dairyfree Eggfree) from The Peachicks' Bakery is definitely a very, very good chocolate cake! Lets face it having an allergy to dairy and/or eggs shouldn't stand in the way of anyone enjoying a good old slice of cake with their cuppa. Neither should you need a host of fancy ingredients just to make it. This cake is exactly what you want in a chocolate cake, just without the dairy, eggs or soy! AND its really easy to make too! This is my go to recipe for baking with the kids because the vegetable oil and milk make it really easy to stir the ingredients together. Plus it looks amazing and tastes even better!

Easy Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake (Dairyfree Eggfree)

This week is Chocolate Week and with the weather having turned considerably colder, what better way to celebrate it than with a lovely warming cake with beautiful Autumnal flavours.  This Vegan Beetroot & Ginger Chocolate Cake uses lovely seasonal beetroots which are great this time of year combined with a warming hint of ground ginger!  Beetroot and chocolate are such a fab combination and the gentle warm kick from the ginger ties it all together!  The best filling for this is a rich chocolate buttercream and a dark sweet cherry jam – yep cherries, ginger & beetroot – YUM! We are all suffering with the first snuffles of the season, so its a quiet weekend for us because as every asthmatic knows, wheezy lungs and Autumn snuffles do not mix!  In these situations its hard for my poor lungs as they object violently to both aerosol steroid inhalers and […]

Vegan Beetroot & Ginger Chocolate Cake

Its been a funny few weeks in this house I am still wondering whether it all really happened or not to be honest!  First we win 2 tickets to the Cake & Bake Show and then I get offered a place at BlogCamp with Tots100 in London (sooo exciting!!) then I get offered a really good job which means I have to turn down said place AND THEN I get given notice that the job has fallen through because the Pre-school overestimated their numbers and can’t afford to take anyone else on but only after I had turned down BlogCamp AND told the agency I no longer needed work from them!  In between all of this there has been Peachick Parents Evenings, a nasty spider bite, horrible illness AND the ginger Peachick biting a hole almost all the way through her tongue!  It’s safe to say none of us […]

Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes and a funny old few weeks!

This Vegan Mocha Cake is free from Dairy, Eggs & Soya making it perfect for those with egg allergies.  I like the idea of eggfree cake especially as the Peachicks are not great with eggs.  I have tried several times to find a recipe that gave reliable results that were as good a ‘normal’ cake without the egg-replacers or other random collection of ingredients that read like they should come from a pharmacist rather than a supermarket. I came across this recipe on the blog for ScratchSleeves; this company makes pj’s and sleeves for children with eczema to help them sleep without scratching.  On their blog they have recipes for egg (and dairy) free cakes – one fruit cake and one vanilla or chocolate sponge.  So this afternoon I’ve given it a go and tweaked the recipe slightly to make it mocha flavour; Daddy Peacock’s favourite drink at the […]

Vegan Mocha Cake (Eggfree, Soyfree)

These cakes are dark, rich and fluffy.  Not too bitter but not overwhelmingly sweet with a hint of warmth from the ginger in the jam rather than an all out ginger flavour.  I made these with my trusty mini-tray bake tray from Lakeland – it makes 12 perfect little square cakes which I then sliced in half when cool.  Seemed a bit easier than faffing with levelling them off – they were only a quick treat rustled up for the girls at work! They need a topping of some kind really so they look a bit more finished, unfortunately before I could experiment they got eaten… luckily I’d managed to rescue a few for the girls at work first!  The ginger in the jam was deliberately very subtle.  I would suggest grating the fresh ginger or using a food processor to blitz the jam for a stronger ginger kick! […]

Mini Dark Chocolate Cakes with Mango & Ginger ‘Jam’