These Glutenfree Vegan Vanilla Almond Cookies are beautifully crumbly, with a delicate almond flavour. They are easy to make and perfect for dunking in a good old cup of tea. 8
These Glutenfree Vegan Vanilla Almond Cookies are beautifully crumbly, with a delicate almond flavour. They are easy to make and perfect for dunking in a good old cup of tea. Plus being made with Freefrom Fairy Flour they are full of wholegrain goodness and with no strange rice flour texture!

GlutenFree Vegan Vanilla Almond Cookies

March is the month of the #FreeFromEaster treats. A whole month of freefrom treats perfect for a spot of Easter baking with the little people! It's brought to you by the lovely lot behind #FreeFromPancakes & if Feb was anything to go by you're going to be spoilt for choice! Here is my contribution - Apple Date & Walnut Hot Cross Buns (Glutenfree, Vegan & CitrusFree) They are completely Peachick Friendly as they contain no gluten, soy, egg, milk or citrus peel like traditional Hot Cross Buns. Perfect for celebrating a #FreeFromEaster with the whole family... and best of all the kids can get involved with making them too!

#FreeFromEaster – Apple Date & Walnut Hot Cross Buns (Glutenfree, ...

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco drinks! We are great fans of coconuts in this house and use them in a variety of forms; flour, milk, oil, you name it we use it!  So you can imagine how excited The Peachicks were when they received a pretty package of lovely Vita Coco Drinks! Coconut milk is a great dairy alternative and is fab in smoothies but somedays are just not smoothie days (although these make a great base for one!) Vita Coco drinks are made with a base of coconut water blended with coconut and/or fruit puree to make a variety of tasty flavours – we tried the pineapple, peach & mango, and chocolate drinks; alongside one of the Vita Coco Cafe drinks, containing coffee and skimmed milk. ** Images c/o VitaCocoUK ** These drinks come in a variety of sizes, the smallest being the 330ml cartons with screw top lid, perfect for […]

Peachick Approved: Vita Coco Drink Review

Christmas is nearly upon us… yep I’ve said it! And the weather, even down here, has turned cold. This One Pot Slow Cooked Ham in a Dairyfree, Creamy Sage Sauce is the perfect dinner to warm everyone up on a cold winters day. Peachicks are big fans of ham joints, you know the big ones that are roasted, basted & glazed for the Christmas celebrations! Well they are actually a really lovely, cheap and fuss free way to feed the family the whole year through.   Its also quite nice to arrive home from work and have food already sorted so happily this dish works as well in a casserole dish on the hob (1hour) or in a slow cooker left to its own devices for the day on low! AND bonus – not only does it all cook in one pot but this is a very cheap family […]

One Pot Slow Cooked Ham with a Creamy Sage Sauce ...

These little Healthy Cookie Dumplings are really cute, because the mixture doesn’t spread they keep their little dumpling shape and were named Cookie Dumplings by the Peachicks.  They are dairyfree, eggfree and glutenfree (contain oats) and are brilliant for lunchboxes and after gym snacks.  They are packed with nutrients, although I would recommend leaving the nuts out for school lunchboxes as a lot of schools have no nuts policies.  These would also be AMAZING with small apple chunks in it! These cookie dumplings are lovely and soft but full of yummy crunchy seeds and cashew nuts.  The great thing about these is that they are easy to make and infinitely adaptable – all you have to do is use your favourite seeds, nuts or dried fruits. You may have noticed that its the time of year when my instagram and facebook feeds are full of Aspire Swim updates. Having got […]

Healthy Cookie Dumplings (dairyfree, eggfree, glutenfree)

I LOVE carrot cake, I could literally eat it every day BUT since I Elodie was born I really, really can’t eat eggs.  I have always been allergic to them and whole eggs make me very sick but they’ve always been fine cooked into cakes, yorkies & meringues.  Now I only have to touch a raw egg and I start to feel sick, my head hurts, I feel really dizzy and wheezy.  (Ironically Elodie is the most allergic to eggs – coincidence??)! So began my quest to refine egg free baking – over the last year I have conquered vegan chocolate cake, perfected vegan coffee cake, even sorted vegan fruity muffins AND FINALLY today I have made completely freefrom carrot cake! I cannot stress how excited I am!   Unfortunately this particular baking experiment was carried out at about 7pm it was dark.  Cue spotlights in the kitchen, not […]

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (vegan & Glutenfree)

Elderflower & Red Grape Presse Jelly… …with a crunchy crumb*, gold chocolate ganache truffles, mini meringues, raspberries & raspberry sauce.  An elegant but easy to make Freefrom Christmas Dessert! Ok so firstly yes I know its a bit late for posting a Christmas dessert recipe but it would be a nice end to any dinner party or New Years meal! I am quite proud of this little dessert and I am definitely looking forward to tucking into it on Christmas day.  Being allergic to oranges, dairy & eggs shop bought Christmas desserts are usually a complete right off and to be honest I am not paying a ridiculous amount of money for a jelly in the shops.  Usually we end with not a lot for dessert which is ok really because lets be honest who has room for dessert after Christmas dinner?!  To be honest I got a bit […]

Freefrom Christmas Day Dessert!

I LOVE cranberry sauce but a lot of them contain oranges or more helpfully are labelled as having ‘citrus’ in them which means I can’t eat them (disaster!).  So I make my own – this recipe uses frozen cranberries (they are usually cheaper), dried cranberries ( for a bit of texture), and lemon juice!  It takes literally 5 minutes to make and keeps for ages.  It is very tart so you can always add more sugar but we usually have honey roasted veggies and onion sauce which is quite sweet so this cranberry sauce provides a good balance!   *If you can’t eat any citrus I have had good results adding an apple to the mix instead of lemon juice, one small to medium apple peeled and grated should do the trick!   Obviously as with any jam making or actually anything involving melting sugar get VERY VERY hot […]

Orange Free Cranberry Sauce!

I LOVE my birthday and I don’t know why, maybe its the excuse to eat cake for every meal?! Or the fact that my babies shower me with handmade cards and paper bracelets?!! Either way this year I had a birthday cake made for me by my Peachicks… They even let Daddy help!! And here it is… Yep its a Jellyfish!!! My favourite animals!! And here is my belated birthday lunch…. We had a fishy buffet, mussels, mackerel & lemon sole served with warm potato and leek salad, French stick and Olives.  Oh and don’t forget the glass of Rattler Cornish Cyder fresh from Healy’s (via Sainsburys our holiday stash has long gone… Is it April yet??!!).   For the four of us (E ate nothing but Olives) this worked out really cheap at £2.75 each. ( based on my supermarket app) To make it a dinner or for […]

Warm Potato Salad & My Birthday!!!