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The Peachicks have been hard at work at No17 transforming it from a patch of weeds to a productive plot. In this post, Allotment Diaries #2 - You Chose a Plot... Now What? I'll take you through our first couple of visits to our very own allotment and all the work we had to do before we could even consider what veggies to plant!

The Peachicks @No17 Allotment Diaries #2 – You Chose a ...

The Peachicks @No 17 Allotment Diaries #1 - Picking The Perfect Plot is full of our tips for choosing which allotment plot to take on!
You may have noticed a fair few Instagram posts lately of us transforming a barren patch of land into our very own allotment. This first in a new series of posts, The Peachicks @No17 Allotment Diaries, is my way of recording this slice of Peachick history! Allotment Diaries #1 - Picking the Perfect Plot is our thoughts on choosing an allotment plot.

The Peachicks @No 17 Allotment Diaries #1 – Picking the ...

Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones 15
This week (8th-14th August) is both Allotment Week AND Afternoon Tea Week so what better recipe to celebrate both than a scone recipe using beautiful homegrown blackberries?!  And here they are, Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones!  You’ve heard of self-saucing puddings well these are scones make their own jam! Ever since we have lived together we have always grown our own fruit & veg.  While we were at uni this was a couple of pots; mainly herbs on the windowsill, runner beans and strawberries.  These days, we live in a house with very little garden, chosen as I am sure a lot of parents do, for the schools it is in catchment for.  Our veggie patch is about 2ftx6ft plus a few pots, an upcycled pirate water tray and a GIANT bramble patch growing up an old tree!   Whilst we wait for an allotment* we make the best […]

Allotment Week – Vegan Blackberry & Apple Scones