Mother’s Day

The Perfect Vegan Mother's Day Tea (dairyfree, eggfree recipes to make your mum a special treat - all easy to follow, no complicated ingredients! 6
Mother’s Day.  The one day of the year I leave Hubby & the Peachicks in charge of the kitchen.  I get some very lovely yummy treats made for me, either breakfast in bed, a Daddy Peacock Roast or if I am really lucky a special Afternoon Tea! This year I have decided to give them a bit of a hand (or should that be MASSIVE hint).  With a little help from some friends I have compiled a list of easy to make, delicious recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea!  So heads up Daddy Peacock – here is your challenge for Sunday Afternoon Tea! (Just remember the blankets & camping stove so we can find a nice sunny spot on the allotment to enjoy it!) *all the images in this post have been reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographers* Scones & Jam… Noone in their right […]

Tasty Recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea! (Dairyfree, ...

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and these Raspberry & Lemon Scones would be perfect for any Afternoon Tea.  They are packed full of Rasberry Powder (see Nutriseed Review) and fresh lemon juice.  Being dairyfree and egg free they are suitable for almost everyone, we covered ours in Seedless Raspberry Jam, topped with leftover lemon buttercream  and sprinkled with lemon zest!  They would be equally amazing with jam and clotted cream if you are not avoiding dairy.  The raspberry powder gives the scone dough a slight purple/grey tinge that cooks out in the oven leaving a delicate raspberry flavour.  I only used a tablespoon of raspberry powder but I think I could have added another!   Scones are so easy to make, no matter whether they are dairy free or not they are light and fluffy!  The flavour combinations you can make are endless; juices and syrups are one way […]

Vegan Raspberry & Lemon Scones