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The Perfect Vegan Mother's Day Tea (dairyfree, eggfree recipes to make your mum a special treat - all easy to follow, no complicated ingredients! 6
Mother’s Day.  The one day of the year I leave Hubby & the Peachicks in charge of the kitchen.  I get some very lovely yummy treats made for me, either breakfast in bed, a Daddy Peacock Roast or if I am really lucky a special Afternoon Tea! This year I have decided to give them a bit of a hand (or should that be MASSIVE hint).  With a little help from some friends I have compiled a list of easy to make, delicious recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea!  So heads up Daddy Peacock – here is your challenge for Sunday Afternoon Tea! (Just remember the blankets & camping stove so we can find a nice sunny spot on the allotment to enjoy it!) *all the images in this post have been reproduced here with the kind permission of the photographers* Scones & Jam… Noone in their right […]

Tasty Recipes for The Perfect Vegan Mothers Day Tea! (Dairyfree, ...