Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes and a funny old few weeks! 2

12142556_431713547015550_832375185_nIts been a funny few weeks in this house I am still wondering whether it all really happened or not to be honest!  First we win 2 tickets to the Cake & Bake Show and then I get offered a place at BlogCamp with Tots100 in London (sooo exciting!!) then I get offered a really good job which means I have to turn down said place AND THEN I get given notice that the job has fallen through because the Pre-school overestimated their numbers and can’t afford to take anyone else on but only after I had turned down BlogCamp AND told the agency I no longer needed work from them!  In between all of this there has been Peachick Parents Evenings, a nasty spider bite, horrible illness AND the ginger Peachick biting a hole almost all the way through her tongue!  It’s safe to say none of us know whether we are coming or going!!


AND BREATHE!! well you guys can – I currently can’t apparently my lungs have taken offence to hummus wouldn’t mind so much but I am trying to listen to the Radio 2 Breakfast show from this morning… Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbot & Adele… only my favourite artists ever (alongside The Goo Goo Dolls) and I can’t hear it over my poor old knackered nebulizer!  Talk about First World Problems!!


Right so firstly we have to say a huge thank you to the Neff Bake it Yourself people for the tickets to the Cake and Bake Show in London AND for organising some extra tickets for the Peachicks too!  We all had a fab time and came home with a little stash of goodies, lots of photos and some very full but tired Peachicks who managed to find every stand with free samples (I think they ate most of a whole salami at one!).


Some of our pictures of our fab day out!



Then I got bitten by a spider… in… my… bed.  Aaaaaahhh!! Now I like bugs as much as anyone else but I draw the line at them being in my bed!  I rolled over and put my hand under the pillow and squashed a rather large black spider who apparently wasn’t too happy and decided to sink its fangs in my poor hand.  It was very red and swollen for a good week!!  There is a photo of said spider but don’t worry I won’t post it on here so its safe to come out from behind the sofa!


The other day an email came around about a school cake sale and for once I was actually able to make something for it.  These are vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes made with the Sugar and Crumbs chocolate cherry flavoured cocoa powder we picked up at the Cake and Bake Show and I have been desperate to try out!  (still waiting for the perfect excuse to use the Christmas Punch Icing Sugar!)




The pumpkins are really easy to make and are just fondant icing coloured with gel colours.  Roll into balls and squash slightly.  Run the blunt edge of a sharp knife from top to bottom a few times to make the lines of the pumpkin.  Use the end of a skewer and poke a hole in the top and put in a tiny bit of icing in a brown-ish colour (I used yellow) and you have beautiful pumpkins!




The cupcakes are really easy basically you mix the ‘wet’ ingredients together in one bowl and the ‘dry’ in another.  Then pour the wet into the dry and stir until combined.  It really is that simple!!


Wet ingredientsDry ingredients
300ml Koko275g Self raising Flour
150ml Vegetable Oil1tsp bicarb of soda
1tsp Vanilla paste150g sugar
1 generous tbsp Golden Syrup75g Chocolate cherry cocoa powder


Once the ingredients are mixed together put into cupcake cases (makes a lot of little ones!) and bake at 180C for around 15mins.  If you are using bigger cases they will take a bit longer – a skewer will come out clean when they are ready!



Leave to cool and decorate with your choice of icing.  This is chocolate cherry Buttercream made with the cocoa powder and Sour Sprinkles to finish them off!  The green is just vanilla coloured green – the little spiders look a lot like the not so little one that bit me!



I’m going to add these to the Free From Fridays link up over at the Free From Farm.  Hopefully they have helped raised a bit of money for the school and church it is attached to!  I have also put these into the Tea Time Treats for October Tea Time Treats (the theme is Halloween & Bonfire Night) hosted by Janie from Hedgecomers & Karen from Lavender and Lovage


Free From FarmhouseTea Time Treats Linky Party






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2 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes and a funny old few weeks!

  • Emma

    Ah, sorry you’ve had a crazy few weeks but glad you had fun at the cake show. These cupcakes look great, I use golden syrup in my favourite vegan cake recipe. #freefromfridays

    • midgie Post author

      Well its definitely kept us busy that’s for sure, looking forward to a nice restful half term! I like the golden syrup rather than egg replacer for the cakes, I’ve never really got on with any of the alternatives and I like that they can be on a plate from scratch in no time at all!