Aspire Channel Swim 2016 – Sign up now!!

You may remember last year a **few** posts about the Aspire Channel Swim Challenge.  Well its time to sign up again and I am very excited to have just done so!

**PHOTO CREDIT: Aspire Channel Swim**

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Aspire a charity that do amazing things for some of the people paralysed by spinal cord injuries every 8hours and their families. Having cared for Daddy Peacock after a motorbike accident I had an insight into some of the difficulties just trying to get out the house with a wheelchair let alone actually go somewhere can bring.  You can find all the posts from last year about the challenge here.  This includes the final post after I had actually completed it!


Aspire organise a multitude of fundraising sports events, including cycles & swims.  You can find the full list of fundraising challenges they run here.  This Channel Swim Challenge involves swimming 22miles in 12weeks in your local pool.  This year’s challenge runs from 12th September to 5th December and I plan on doing double distance this year – so Calais & back!


I am really excited to be signing up again.  I have always loved swimming, it is great for fitness and for keeping the old grumpy lungs in check.  For all of you that are thinking that 22miles is quite a long way… yup it is but over the course of the 12weeks of the challenge it works out just under 2miles a week.  In a 25m pool you need to do 118 lengths a week – which if you swim 3 times a week is only 39 lengths each time you go.  (I would recommend spreading it out – last year I did the last 18miles in 3 weeks swimming twice a week… my poor shoulders!)


**PHOTO CREDIT: Aspire Channel Swim**


Get fit & raise money?! What could be better… So go on – sign up! Join up and join in – catch up with my updates throughout the challenge starting in September and let me know how you are getting on too!  Oh and watch out for my Top Tips post coming soon!!





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