Aspire Channel Swim… Update!!

Aspire Channel Swim… Update!!


Apologies for the lack of a post this week – I have started a new job and so I’ve been sorting out a few bits of paperwork and generally enjoying my afternoons with Elodie while I still have them!


I am nearing the end of my Aspire Channel Swim Challenge and have so far clocked up nearly 14miles – pretty pleased with it considering I spent about 6 weeks not being able to swim for one reason or another!  So today having clocked up my longest swim in forever – 150lengths (about 2.5miles) I decided to treat myself to a very yummy brunch!  At this point I should probably make a public apology to anyone who was trying to do their weekly shop and saw me out and about in leggings, polo shirt and my favourite pink hoodie!  As a teenager I thought nothing of spending 3 hours in the pool racking up several miles at a time but since having the girls the most I ever managed was about 45 lengths – so I am rather pleased with 150lengths in 90mins.  Id have done more but I do not like swimming with other people so when the lane starts to feel like driving round the m25 on a Friday night I tend to get out!  I forgot my water bottle so ended up getting out feeling really dehydrated (ironically) so decided a smoothie was the way forward – and a rather nice bacon sandwich!!  The veggie box came this week and there was some really nice looking pink grapefruit in it!  The smoothie is just half a grapefruit (I ate the rest cooking the bacon) and half a tin of peaches in my amazingly lovely owl drinking jar (I am a little bit in love with it!!).




Some other treasures from our veggie box – colourful carrots & a fruit salad (nashi pear, persimmon, watermelon & pomegranate!)



Obviously we went to the zoo on Wednesday – in the rain! It was really quiet and the rhinos were inside so Elodie spent ages playing hide and seek around the tree trunk barriers with one of the old lady rhinos… I’m not sure the poor rhino knew she was playing I think she was trying to get a few minutes nap in the lovely warm house! 20151118_143131


Here is some other pictures of our week… mainly food related and not the best quality pictures!  A post work treat, Millie’s carrots from school gardening club, Millie channelling Mark Knopfler & the beginnings of an apple & mincemeat tart!




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