I am sure by now you are all looking forward to tonight, New Years Eve and
whatever festivities you have planned.  I’m going to say it… I prefer
tomorrow.  Don’t get me wrong I do love a good drunken Happy New Year
text from someone I’ve not spoken to since reading their text last year but
just know I will be reading it curled up in my pj’s snuggled up with Daddy
Peacock watching tv and eating (probably goats cheese & black pepper on
crackers!).  But why don’t you like New Years Eve I hear you yelling?? 
I never said I didn’t like New Year’s Eve infact quite the opposite, it is
after all about as close to date night as Daddy Peacock & I get in a year;
its just I prefer tomorrow!  Tonight is
all about tying up loose ends, or more usually for us leaving last year’s
lunacy and moving on.  New Year’s Day however,
now that is exciting… a whole 12months ahead which (until it starts at least)
have excellent potential to be amazing!

This time last year I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.  2012 was particularly *#@! (insert expletive
here) for one reason or another and to be perfectly honest we were thankful
that little treasure was over… 2013 just had to be better (if not the moon
was a good-looking option)!

And blow me 2013 was, it was actually really, really good!  New Peachick, jobs good, peachicks doing well
at school and lots of time together as a little family!  It wasn’t that we’d left the rubbish of 2012
in 2012 but rather that we had walked away to a quiet little bomb shelter (new
baby bubble!) and put our fingers in our ears… Sadly certain individuals didn’t
get the hint (and still haven’t) but to be honest they were never going to, for
some mud-slinging and making trouble keeps them happy… takes all sorts I

Anyway enough of such matters. ..

I feel an apology coming on; whilst in our little bomb shelter (new baby
bubble) I have neglected my kitchen and particularly this little site.  Trying to juggle 3 Peachicks and moving house
and work has been fun, couple that with a disastrous visit to the hospital
allergy department for the biggest peachick and I have kind of been a bit lost
in the baking department.  I know my kids
can’t eat certain foods and being told that negative skin prick tests mean that
I am neglecting my children by restricting their diet unnecessarily kinda makes
you wonder why you bother.  Add to that
the delightful letter that the consultant then sent to our gp basically telling
her that she doubts any of us have any allergies at all and I’m making it up
(if I didn’t know it was impossible I would have sworn she had been talking to
certain individuals!)… I haven’t really felt like baking at all. Apparently its ok to have diarrohea, vomit violently wheeze and come out in a rash after eating as long as the skin prick tests are negative that’s all that matters. Needless to say we are not going back… ever!

There has been some baking due to necessity… Birthday cakes, bread of
every flavour, Scones, Muffins and a multitude of pumpkin flavoured things at Halloween.  And to round the year off Christmas was again
filled with making hampers for people full of Sticky toffee pudding fudge,
marshmallows (the egg free kind) and a variety of cakes including some very
nice dark chocolate peppermint cupcakes with a fudge sauce filling!  To be honest though most of this year I have
been experimenting with dinners, trying to persuade the Peachicks to eat
anything in an oat milk white sauce has been lots of fun!  The only success so far has been curry spiced
cauliflower cheese (with no cheese obv!). 

OMG I am hungry now!

So my New Years Resolution is to start baking & blogging again on a more
regular basis.  Although to be fair I do
put a few things on the facebook page (address at the top of the page) even if
I don’t then type them up here!

Happy New Year All!

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