Peachick Diaries: Marwell Zoo – A family day!

Peachick Diaries: Marwell Zoo – A family day!

Peachick Diaries: Marwell Zoo – A family day!

You may have noticed that Elodie & I spend quite a lot of time at Marwell Zoo, we are lucky that it is just down the road and the Peachicks’ school is on our way home! Thursday afternoons are our time together where the other Peachicks are at school late and come rain or shine the pair of us go and visit the animals. We are given Annual Passes for Christmas which have already paid for themselves this year, in fact mine & Elodie’s have probably paid for everyone elses too!  The other great thing about the passes (£60 adult, £40 child) is that they give you one free visit each year to each of a list of zoos around the country and we regularly build these zoos into our holiday to Cornwall & use them for cheap weekends away the rest of the year!  At Easter we do Newquay Zoo and then Paignton & Living coasts for the weekend on the way back.  Colchester Zoo in Essex is one of our favourites and is a great place to go with older children at Halloween as they do extended opening well into the evening on their Fright Nights; seeing the wolves on Halloween prowling around in the dark is not something to be missed!  Bristol is our annual May Day bank holiday trip as it is Millie’s favourite and its her birthday!

Peachick Diaries: Marwell Zoo - A family day!


Anyway, the other weekend, Daddy Peacock was well enough to go out so we took the opportunity to enjoy the glorious sunshine as a family, which is something we have missed over the last few months with Hubby’s resident kidney stone! **Stone has now been evicted… only took 4 months!**


P1180281 a

This is Elodie’s ‘zoo outfit’ that she more often than not wears to the zoo when we go.  It is a bright pink skirt covered in zebras, a sparkly elephant t-shirt and blue/pink hoodie complete with cute giraffe!  When Elodie and I go for the afternoon, she often falls asleep in the buggy, I can walk the entire zoo footpath network in around 2 hours so with stops to look at animals, venturing into the animal houses and the Wallaby walkway there is more than enough to keep you there from open until close.  The zoo opens at 10am but closing time depends on season, currently 5pm but earlier/later in winter/summer!


In the middle of the zoo stands the old house, which can be hired for special events but is otherwise not open to the public.  This is the back of the house, looking over the Okapi paddocks but I could be wrong!

P1180276 a

The house has a lovely walled garden you can walk around and a large lawn at the back complete with grass bank, apparently rolling down and running back up it is compulsory for each visit!  *Mummy runs up but draws the line at rolling down this bank!

P1180273 a

This is the view from the top of the bank, overlooking the water fountain and down onto the very large, very old tree!


P1180271 a



This area of the zoo is a lovely sun trap around lunchtime, if the sun is out the back wall at the top of the bank is the perfect place for a picnic.  There are benches and we always try and sit in this recess in the brick wall, its out of the wind and in full sun so absolutely perfect for a winter/spring picnic!

Picnic is not essential as there are lots of places to find food, the soups are espcially lovely!  We usually take the majority of a picnic and then top it up with a coffee/juice/snack from the shop.  This particular picnic featured sweet potato & onion pasties (fill a circle of puff pastry with thinly slice sweet potato & onion, fold & crimp edges and bake for around 30mins!) made just before we left and wrapped in double layers of greaseproof paper and foil to keep them warm!  Other good warm picnic ideas are these sausage rolls, homemade pizzas, or these apple & sage sausage rolls.

P1180269 a


And then there are the animals!  As a once-upon-a-time Zoologist (mostly Marine to be fair) I do love the fact the Peachicks are very interested in learning about the animals, their habitats and conservation.  The information around the zoo is good but they always want to know more, fortunately with the free wi-fi Alys is able to use my poor old knackered phone and ask Google!


Here are a few photos from our day.

Alys’ favourites, the Okapis, second only to the Fossa as far as she is concerned!  They are beautiful!

P1180275 a


Alys at the park, this is pretty much the only photo I have of her from that day as she didn’t want any photos taken!

P1180277 a


View from the truck over the Wild Explorers enclosure.  The rhinos were hiding indoors, I think they heard the Peachicks coming!
P1180282 a



Who doesn’t love the giraffe’s??

P1180284 a


This is Mei-Mei the Red panda in her temporary home.  She had gate-crashed the coati enclosure while her’s was being refurbished but usually you can find her up the top of her large tree sleeping or eating!P1180291 a


Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought the Peachicks were a little noisy!

P1180294 a


It was a very long day but as always lovely! I am sending this over to #WhatevertheWeather Wednesday’s over at Monkey & Mouse and Life Unexpected! As well as #BloggerClubUk over at Mudpie Fridays & Cuddle Fairy. Hop on over and have a look, between them there is loads of ideas for days out, recipes, reviews!!


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18 thoughts on “Peachick Diaries: Marwell Zoo – A family day!”

  • I’ve always fancied visiting Marwell Zoo – we’ve driven past a few times and been to Winchester but always run out of time. How great that the passes give you entry to other zoos as well. #bloggerclubuk

  • I’m planning on a trip to Marwell for my son’s 2nd birthday next month – I’ve not been since I was little, so it’s lovely to get a reminder of it all! Lovely photos, and I particularly like the idea of a ‘zoo outfit’! The giraffes are always my favourite, they’re so elegant and there’s no other animal like them – I could watch them all day! #whatevertheweather

    • It is such a lovely day out, I would definitely recommend buying tickets on line before you go if its going to be busy as you can cut out some of the queue! Hope little one has a lovely birthday, the new(ish) Wild Explorers bit with the rhinos in has an old safari truck for the kids to sit in – the Peachicks love it!

  • Marwell is fantastic, aww i love the Red Panda, looks very cuddly. Have you heard that a nursery will be opening there? Great for kids, just a little far for us! #WhateverTheWeather
    Sophie x

    • I love the red panda its one of my favourites! I did look at putting Elodie in it as she is the perfect age for it and the company running it are amazing! Sadly the rigid pick up times just don’t work for us so its not really feasible which is a shame as it would be fab!

  • Looks like a really lovely zoo to visit, shame you can’t go in the house- it looks amazing. Looked like you had a wonderful family day out #whatevertheweather x

    • I know, the house is so pretty and even more so from the front! They do have Father Christmas in it at Christmas but its really expensive to take the kids to – one day though!

    • We are really lucky! They are about to open a Nursery in the zoo too but sadly they are too rigid with pick up times so no good for us as I would really struggle to get her and the girls from school after work

  • What a great zoo. Yes hill rolling is definitely compulsory haha. I love your little picnic spot too. It looks like a great place to visit all year around, I can see why you come back time and time again. A fab idea as well to do a tour of the zoos. Our nearest is Newquay, it must look so small compared to the ones you’re used to. The passes sound brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

  • Wow, so many views near you to visit! There’s only Edinburgh zoo in Scotland, but several safari parks, I just wish they weren’t so expensive. Your passed sound like a great deal though. Lovely to hear that you’re a zoologist, I’m an ecologist, specialising in bats, although I don’t do much now I have kids! I love my kids being interested in animals and conservation too. I love that bench for lunch, looks like the perfect spot and the Red Panda is so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing on #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    • We are very lucky! Alys is absolutely desperate to go to Edinburgh Zoo so we are busy trying to save up to go! Ha-ha so true about kids, they really weren’t very compatible with the zoology so it had to go!

  • We have to visited Marwell yet but Monkey loves a good zoo and this sounds like a great one! The annual passes are really good value, I can completely understand why you got them and its great you can go once a week if you want! I also like that you get to visit the other zoos too. Thank you for an inspiring post and for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

    • It is lovely, apparently the next big development is a new tropical house, although not sure when! E’s favourite thing to do is watch the rhinos & zebras from the old safari truck!

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