A weekend of celebrations!

A weekend of celebrations!

This weekend has been rather busy with a raft of special events to celebrate.  As such I’ve been so busy there isn’t really a lot to report!! We are in the middle of compiling the Peachicks’ favourite lunchbox staples which after what the postman brought this morning I’m hoping to finish soon!!  On the subject of school Alys has gone back to school into year 3/4, Millie started school today and Elodie is in the Toddler room at nursery now!  Plus Daddy Peacock & I have been married 5 years, my Grandparents have been married 60 years and one of the Peachicks’ grandparents had a special birthday last week too! Oh and daddy Peacock’s birthday is this week too!! Obviously occasions such as these demand cake so here are a few pictures… (Daddy Peacock has decided against a cake he just wants a bowl of chocolate fudge buttercream and a candle!!). 6 Mini-victoria sandwiches: 3 gooseberry, 3 raspberry (that made it to Pewsham in one piece!)




We spent a lovely afternoon with the family in Wiltshire catching up with some of my family members I haven’t seen in years – The Peachicks really enjoyed running around with my cousins’ children which we usually just call cousins as neither of us can work out the official title!!  My Grandparents have been married 60 years and got their card from the queen which is very exciting!


One ‘Potting Shed’ cake!


The shed underconstruction and photos of the finished cake complete with scarecrow, piles of veggies & beehive and of course a wheelbarrow and pot of tools!










The cake is a vanilla sponge sandwiched with gooseberry jam and vanilla buttercream.  The icing decorations are made using Renshaw icing, I like the way it sets fairly firmly when using the mould (again from Craft Company) although some of the more fiddly ones like the watering can would have benefitted from being made in modelling paste.  The cake itself is covered in Sainsbury’s green fondant; as I usually use Renshaw coloured I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this fondant was to work with.  It wasn’t sticky like some other supermarket coloured fondants and gave a pretty good finish, the pictures don’t really do the colour justice.  Having said that I do use Sainsbury’s white ready roll icing as my go-to cake coverer so maybe I shouldn’t have been that surprised!   With all this going on I didn’t get around to making a cake for our own anniversary but Daddy Peacock & I did enjoy a rare child-free night out and are very grateful to our lovely friends who came and baby sat (although to be fair I think they just came for the pizza!!!).  We did have some fab food & wine to celebrate.  It’s definitely not been an easy 5 years but its not been boring… love you Daddy Peacock xxx

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