Peachick Diaries: Amazing Kids Mag Review

Peachick Diaries: Amazing Kids Mag Review

Peachick Diaries: Amazing Kids Mag Review. A couple of weeks ago The Peachicks were very excited to be sent a couple of copies of ‘Amazing!’ a fab kids magazine for children 7years+ that covers all aspects of the national curriculum.  They say it is aimed at children 7+ but Millie (5) has been almost as engrosssed in the magazines as Alys has.  I can honestly say I have never seen both the older Peachicks as quiet and lost in a magazine as they were the instant they opened these!


Elodie loved the illustrations and spent quite a long time flicking through showing Daddy what she could see on each page.  This is her favourite page because it has her letter in it… well she is only 3!

Peachick Diaries: Amazing Kids Mag Review

‘Reading’ a story using just the pictures is the first important skill you can teach your children, more so than letter recognition initially and these magazines would be a brilliant addition to our provision at Pre-school for some of our older school leavers.  (Yes I am that PS teacher who goes on and on and on about the early development of reading & mark making whilst the kids are knee deep in mud, waving sticks & building dens!)

Each of the brilliantly illustrated pages is themed to a particular aspect of the national curriculum with all subjects, not just Maths & English covered.  The magazine promises to ‘take things children actually like reading about (zombies, aliens) and link these in clever and humorous ways back to the National Curriculum.’  And it definitely does that!

Peachick Diaries: Amazing Kids Mag Review


There doesn’t seem to be a topic that is not included, all the facts are laid out in a straightforward but positive way, with children are encouraged to research further for themselves where appropriate.  The article about SEN (now usually referred to as SEND) was really interesting.  It explained in a very positive way that although some children can find aspects of school life or other situations difficult, being different from each other is ultimately completely normal!  The emphasis the whole way through is that everyone finds something difficult and without help of those around us we would all struggle in life.  I have honestly found through working with children with additional needs that their classmates want to understand how to support their friends but don’t always get balanced information from their parents.  So it was lovely to read such a positive article, that children can share with their parents and maybe spread a bit of understanding!



Sorry I’ll shut up now and its over to the Peachicks…


I really liked that one (the Roman Special) because of all the activities in it.  I want to make my own catapault to see how they work.  I also like the puzzles page.  The page all about Latin was good because I am learning it at school and I like learning new words.

**Image taken from website as E helpfully coloured in all over it before I could take a photo!!**

I like the top tips, fun facts and the way the magazines explains everything – its really funny and I like learning things.



I also like this page.  I like learning about different places and finding out why my body wouldn’t like being in these is fun!



My favourite page is this one…




I like the pictures, but not the brain because its wrinkly! I like the facts but its a bit hard to read for me so I got Daddy to do it for me!


Millie would really like to have a go at making the ‘Amazing Articulated Hand’.  She is very arty and this is another big plus for these magazines, as far as she is concerned.  Each issue has DIY projects & recipes to try with big bright how-to photos that lead her into reading the instructions.  The snotty popcorn she was not so impressed with and apparently she will stick to mummy’s popcorn recipe!

From my Mummy point of view I am really pleased we were sent these, Millie can actually read most of it but lacks a lot of self-confidence in reading.  This is one of the first books I have seen her pick up and really get lost in.  The pictures are colourful and the captions give a general outline of the articles using slightly easier language so by the time she realised she was actually halfway through the article and reading ‘giant’ words she’d already worked out what they were!

I can also think of more than a few primary school children, both girls & boys, that I have taught over the years who would have benefited from these magazines.  Whilst some people would believe that the magazines would be beyond my pre-schoolers, I know they will love the illustrations and delivered in the right way the content can easily be made accessible.  (There is a current class of Year 6’s in this country that can still to this day explain how ‘condensation’ forms on a cold drinks can!)

As a special treat for all of you Amazing! are offering all our readers 10% off an annual subscription (normally £49 – less for digital subscriptions and for schools).  Just enter code: WOW10 at the checkout!  Compared to other subscriptions these are really good value and considering the educational value AND that they are great fun to read The Peachicks would recommend these as a great birthday present or end of year reward for working really hard (do you get the feeling they are sending me a giant hint there?!)


we have a giveaway to give 10 of you lucky peeps a chance to win a copy of the next issue… all you have to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter below!


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**The Peachicks were sent copies of these magazines for the purposes of this review.  They have been given an annual subscription as a thankyou – all opinions are their own.  I mean have you ever tried to change the mind of an 8 year old pre-teen?!**


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