BBQ Pizza Party!!

BBQ Pizza Party!!

Finally after months of being sat on the sofa I am well enough to… do the spring cleaning (yay).  My life is soooo exciting – LOL!  The trouble with my lungs is that they are a tad unpredictable so while my lungs are behaving the house gets cleaned!!


I am very lucky that I have some very lovely friends and one of them not only made me dinner last night and helped me put the world to rights (yep the blenders!) but came over this morning and helped me sort out all the Peachicks’ clothes.  Its quite sad really putting away all the tiny little clothes for the last time, especially when they have been through all three of the girls.  It means my babies are getting big 🙁 and in the course of sorting the clothes out it became apparent that the biggest Peachick was somewhat lacking in the clothes department!  Cue one shopping trip with the lovely Miss J and Alys came home with an early birthday present of some very pretty clothes!


Our reward for all the tidying and clothes sorting was a BBQ pizza party!  I made the pizza dough and split it into 6 balls and left it to rest.  Matt then rolled it out thin and headed out to his BBQ where he sorted out the charcoal so there was a hot side of the grill and an indirectly heated slightly cooler side.  After all the bases were pre-toasted on one side we all went to work decorating the pizzas before they went back on the BBQ to be cooked through!


Here are some pictures!!


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