After a very hectic few months I am looking forward to some well earned holiday!! Work is always hectic this time of year and the weather is so nice its seems a shame to waste the opportunity to go out and about.  We have definitely been making the most of the Marwell & Hampshire Culture Passes.

I love our Hampshire Culture-for-all Passport – so many things to do included.  We still have yet to get through them all Staunton Country Park is STILL on our list for this year at some point!!

If you have been following the facebook page too then you are aware I haven’t totally dropped off the face of the Earth, its just that my camera and the laptop have had somewhat of a falling out!! This in itself is not altogether a restriction to writing my blog; but it does make it a little difficult to show you all the lovely things I have been baking!  I can however upload photos to the facebook page from my not-very-smartphone-mobile so that is why I have paid that side of the Peachicks Bakery a teeny bit more attention than this one!! (I know – no smartphone – shocking!! – but with my track record for leaving htem on the roof of Roxy I’m pretty sure its probably for the best!).

So go check it out (link above) – see what I have been up to the last few months and hopefully that will tide you over until I get my backside in gear mid-July!!

M x

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