Elodie’s special friends!

In June 2013 we went away for the Jubilee weekend to take the kids to Disneyland Paris… we went with 2 and came back with a not exactly expected number 3 on board!  Pregnancy is enough of a funny old beast when you’ve planned it but when you’ve had two fairly interesting ones already and are adamant you are going to concentrate on the two perfect babies you have already its a whole different emotional rollercoaster.  So I joined a BC board for babies due February 2013 and from there a Facebook group was formed.  The article below was written by one of the 270 or so lovely ladies (and soon enough their little bundles) who accompanied me & Elodie on this special journey…


They have been with me through good days and bad I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got through it without them… So lovely ladies raise a cup of tea and indulge in a slice of cake with me in celebration of the last year and all those to come!


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