February Half Term!

February Half Term!


I do like school holidays, no work for mummy and no school run crazy running out the door yelling at one or more half dressed Peachick followed by shoving them all in the car!  Not to mention the three or four times we have to go back into the house to retrieve forgotten things like lunch, bags and shoes (yep it happened!).   This time around we will be spending half term in France so wish us luck in feeding the Peachicks in a country where everything either comes with butter, cream or eggs!!


The end of half term will be Elodie’s third birthday and this year she has requested a 2-tiered, lilac fondant covered fruit cake with a rainbow ‘Hunicorn’** and rainbow clouds on it… we get back from France LATE thursday and her birthday is Friday… wish me luck I think I’m gonna need it!!


**translates into unicorn for non-peachicks!


So whatever you are doing have a fab half term & I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures when we return!!





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