The Ginger Peachick is 4!

The Ginger Peachick is 4!

Happy Birthday Ginger Peachick! I can’t believe you have hit the ripe old age of 4 already. It doesn’t seem possible! My last baby is no longer a baby!

Here’s you – Then & Now…

You are many things little lady, but baby is definitely not one of them… While I am typing this, the night before your birthday, your sisters are doing Times Tables with Daddy and you – well you are prancing around the lounge with a large book ‘reading’ from it and lecturing your imaginary audience on something very scientific sounding!

You are so proud of your crazy ginger curls that orange is your favourite colour. You are hilariously funny, love adventure and absolutely do not take any crap from anyone!

There are a few words I could use to describe you at 4…


BUT underneath all the mouth and stubborness is a heart of gold and complete Mummy’s girl – 3rd time lucky! By now I’d lost the other two to Daddy but not you – you are definitely a Mummy’s girl (cute until the middle of the night when you refuse to get out of my bed and sleep in your own!) I’m not quite sure what I am going to do when you go to school in September!

Oh Ok now you are wandering around the lounge with my ‘Winnie the Witch’ Magic Wand I made at work the other day – its just a stick with rags & pipe cleaners wrapped round it but you loved it from the second I bought it home! Wouldn’t be so bad but you are waving it perilously close to the tv (and my head!)

Currently you are into unicorns, rainbows and my little ponies. You also love playing with your code-a-pillar and drawing pictures. You are getting quite good & can write your name already! You can count well past 40 and recognise all the numbers to 10 – although as far as you are concerned the only one you really care about it 4!

But let’s be honest. We all know your favourite thing to do is launch yourself over the back of the sofa or run and flip! Ever since the Olympics last year it’s all you’ve done…. You LOVE gymnastics & have made some lovely friends! (And I love the coffee & Mummy company!!) Hopefully we can continue it in September!

Ah. You just poked yourself in the head with the stick wand… Apparently it is funny… Crazy Girl!


Honestly can’t wait to see your face when you open your present tomorrow!  Your face when you saw your cake was amazing & I think you have asked to eat it about a hundred times already!!

Its bedtime now so obviously you just made a microphone out of some duplo – its a tower of cube bricks with a duplo cupcake ontop – it looks awesome! Not sure the song you are singing will make the top10 but who knows these days!!  And anytime you wanna lose that American-esque disney channel accent….

Hope you have a great day at the zoo with your family & friends! Mummy & Daddy are bracing ourselves for another year of your own special Ginger Tornado brand of beautiful chaos!





Mummy xxx


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