Guest Peachick Post! – Dairy Free Pizza

Guest Peachick Post! –  Dairy Free Pizza


Hi everyone my name is Alys (pronounced Alice, it’s Welsh!)  Today mummy has let me write on her website about the pizza we made for lunch.  Daddy is helping me type it up.  Hello I’m Daddy.



7g Yeast300g Flour
Big Pinch of Salt25ml Olive Oil
170ml Water
Tomato Puree1 small tin of Tuna
1/2 a Yellow Pepper1/2 a Red Pepper
1/2 a Carrot1/4 of a Red Onion


First of all we had to make the dough for the pizza base.  Daddy made it in our bread machine. To make the dough we had to put the yeast in first, then the flour on top.  After that we used salt and olive oil.  Last but not least we added the water and then we turned it on. Our bread machine has a pizza dough setting which takes about 45 mins.


While the dough was being made Daddy cut up all the vegetables for us, and opened the can of tuna. I cut the carrot into 1/2 cm cubes, and the peppers I sliced length ways and then halved them.  I cut the onion into thin slices and then flaked? split them apart.  I put all the pizza toppings into small bowls so the kids could easily choose what they wanted to use.


When the dough was ready we made it into a soft ball then carefully rolled it out flat on the tray.

The dough ball!

For the topping we used tomato puree for the sauce.

We splatted it in the middle of the base then we spread it out.  We carefully sprinkled the tuna on with a spoon.  Then we added red and yellow peppers for colour.  After that we added red onion then last of all we put some carrot cubes on.



Mummy and Dadddys pizza, with courgette, peppers and mackerel.
The finished Peachick Pizza!!








We gave our pizza a big thumbs up!!
We gave our pizza a big thumbs up!!


This pizza turned out how we wanted it to.  We had cucumber sticks and more carrot as well as potatoes.  Then we each tried the pizza to see if it was delicious and it was!!  That was how we made our pizza.

The kids and I had loads of fun making this today.  I got in trouble with Mummy Peacock for making a mess in her kitchen but it was definitely worth it!!!  It may be a while before are allowed loose again LOL!!



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