Halloween Peachick Pumpkins 2015

Halloween Peachick Pumpkins 2015

12145147_1625576017709048_79382745_n12093791_1666058760276781_768827791_nIt’s Peachick Pumpkins carving season in this house is definitely a favourite and Daddy Peacock’s carving designs are always popular with the kids trick or treating in the area.  This year we are away for Halloween and will be spending the day at Colchester Zoo, the girls are going dressed up and we are taking a pumpkin for their carving display.

This year’s design looks amazing and needed to be after we were given some beautiful pumpkins this year from a friends grandparents… the Peachicks decided on the smaller to mid-sized pumpkins leaving the giant ones for their little twinnie twiglet friends (the little one is from the supermarket and although it looks lovely on the outside was completely furry and unusable inside!).  With homegrown pumpkins like this we definitely needed to make something yummy with the insides so I spent the best part of yesterday in the kitchen!


If we were at home we were planning on painting the little pumpkin teal for the Teal Pumpkin Project, more information can be found here, by placing a teal pumpkin outside your door with your other pumpkins it signifies that you have non-food or allergy friendly treats for little itchy-scratchy trick or treaters!  We are lucky that the Peachicks are very understanding of having to check through their haul of goodies before they eat them.  We keep a stash of things at home and they sell their unsuitable things to Daddy Peacock for the things we have at home.  They drive a hard bargain!


The biggest & ginger peachick having Halloween fun at the supermarket… What it is they say about never working with children?!
Went shopping for bread and found a cute Peachick witch instead! The arms on the skeleton and wand even move!!














So Halloween fun at the supermarket over the Peachicks and I set about scooping out the pumpkins and cooking something for our Halloween Pumpkin Picnic on the way to Colchester as well as puree in the freezer for baking!  We have made spicy pumpkin seeds, creamy pumpkin soup (dairy free of course!), an interesting experiment of chocolate and pumpkin oaty flapjack cake things AND these cute little pies!  Daddy Peacock requested a pasty so he has a pasty plus there is a free form half pie/half pasty thing for us to share later!  Any recipe that is quick, easy and uses up leftovers (roast chicken from Sunday) is a good recipe as far as I am concerned!


12071086_789501394494300_30401147_n IMG_0017






Makes 12 piesEasy & speedy!
Block of ready made puff pastryPumpkin insides
2 onionsGrated ginger, chilli flakes OR your choice of spices
Leftover roast chickenDry cous cous
Plus whatever else you want to add!



Pre heat the oven to 180C and dig out the cupcake tin from the random cupboard it has been shoved in after coming out the dishwasher!


Finely dice and saute the onions slightly.  Shred left over chicken and dice some thin slices of pumpkins and any other ingredients you want to add – we did mushrooms!



Flour a work surface lightly and roll out the pastry.  Use a cutter that is much bigger than size of the cupcake tin, you need a bit of excess pastry to pull over the lid.  Lay the pastry circles in each hole and sprinkle over a thin layer of cous cous in the bottom of each pie.  The cous cous soaks up the water that comes out of the pumpkin as it cooks and keeps the pastry crispy!


Add your fillings – the layers don’t matter too much as long as the cous cous is at the bottom and the pumpkin at the top!  Also don’t over fill as you need to get the lid on them!

20151029_181953 20151029_181959







Now this is the reason I love these little pies – they look so cute with literally no effort.  Roll out the rest of the pastry and cut circles the same size as the widest part of the cupcake tin holes.  Lay one on top of each pie and pull the excess pastry up over the top to make little parcels!









Bake for around 25mins until the pastry is golden – these are made in a large cupcake/muffin tin pan so if you are using a cupcake tin with smaller holes then keep an eye on them!





These are part of the Peachicks’ annual Halloween Pumpkin Picnic and I have also put these into the Tea Time Treats for October Tea Time Treats (the theme is Halloween & Bonfire Night) hosted by Janie from Hedgecomers & Karen from Lavender and Lovage!

AND as it is Friday I have also added these to the Freefrom Friday challenge from Emma at the Freefrom Farmhouse, who is also a big supporter of the Teal pumpkin project and has more information on her website!

Tea Time Treats Linky PartyFree From Farmhouse



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  • I love the idea of a pumpkin picnic! Brilliant to see you are joining in the teal pumpkin project too. I think with more of us supporting it and showing off our pumpkins, hopefully word will spread. Happy Halloween! #freefromfridays

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