Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely Mummies, Nannies & Mummies-to-be.  Hope your day has been as lovely as mine!   After a Saturday night of watching the water people stem the river that our road had turned into, we woke up to beautiful sunshine and I got very spoiled with tea & biscuits in bed, a cooked breakfast (bacon, mushrooms & beans)!!  After doing the obligatory party drop offs with the Peachicks we all had a lovely lamb roast dinner with all the trimmings, now off for a lovely bath!   Later tonight I plan to curl up with Hubby & the slightly crispy homemade fruit loaf (version 1) and our mandatory Sunday night tv (NCIS:LA & Hawaii 5-0)! I’m hoping the fruit loaf tastes ok and after another attempt I will publish the recipe… its quite a simple, enriched dough and smells amazing but I think I’ve cooked it too high for too long so we will have to see! xxxx

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  • Sooo, the fruit tasted alright but you know when you eat something and it just needs something else? I just cant quite decide what, I do wonder if some malt might help… definitely needs more fruit though!

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