Happy new year!!

dir="ltr"> Another year just disappeared! Not amazing but not horrendous (although Mr P’s random bout of kidney stones tried!!), just normal. Sometimes I quite like a bit of normal but not for too long! 2014 started off with Elodies first birthday cake smash photo shoot where there was not much actual cake smashing but we got lovely photos anyway!! Millie started school and LOVES it thank goodness! And Alys had her first proper birthday party with a few friends! We’ve been to nearly every zoo on our marwell passes, Healeys cyder Farm for our annual trip AND went to CarFest, rounded off with quite a lovely Christmas its been quite a busy year!!
This year has started with a poorly Daddy Peacock, jabs for Elodie and me crazy busy at work!! Next weekend my birthday present to myself is… Report writing!! Whooo!! I so know how to live!! I have been promised a handmade Peachicks birthday cake though so watch this space!!
However there has been baking already for special occasions…. a trip to visit some very squishy little people meant vegan chocolate cake and some midnight muffins for new mummy to stash!!
So this year my plan is to continue to egg free but without weird stuff added baking AND cook more veggie dinners now we have two (and me) not very keen on meat! Oooh and be organised and get the slow cooker working to earn it worktop space!!
Have also started a lunch box post which I hope to finish soon for this months tea time treats and have a vague plan forming for E’s second birthday cake!!
There has also been a lot of soup making in this house… I know I know but I don’t eat soup!! Well here’s the thing I don’t eat soup out of a tin… Too watery, tastes too processed and SOOOO much salt… I like salt less than I like tinned soup!!  But I love home made thick blended soups especially butternut squash or roasted veggies! Just not tomato, I hate tomato soup!  Veggie box comes Wednesday so watch this space!
Busy busy!!