Healthy Loveliness from Nutriseed – A review!

Healthy Loveliness from Nutriseed – A review!

IMG_20160224_175515[1]Find out what we thought when we were sent a lot of beautiful healthy goodies from Nutriseed – A review of there fab service and huge range of products!


As you may have noticed I am quite a fan of sneaking extra nutrients into food wherever I can – toasted nuts on soup, seeds for snacking on and in baked things and kale in burgers.  So you can imagine my excitement at finding a new site full of nutrient rich, healthy ingredients in the form of Nutriseed.


I am not a doctor or dietician but I do believe that the easiest way to keep the Peachicks healthy is by starting out with putting good things in and we have seen first hand the effect that heavily processed food has on them.  Ingredients containing calcium and immune boosting nutrients are particularly important in this house as the cow’s milk and soya allergies mean we need to find alternative calcium sources.  After an allergic reaction I find that both me and the Peachicks are more susceptible to picking up bugs so anything that can give our immune system a helping hand sounds good to me!


Elodie particularly liked the packaging and opening the box!  I liked the fact it was compact, all cardboard and recyclable instead of a giant box full of plastic or foam packaging beads.  We did like the instructions for ‘unboxing’ and we have uploaded our picture to our Instagram page!  We even  got a freebie, a little sachet of wheatgrass which I am looking forward to trying in one of my morning smoothies!


What I ordered…

Raspberry Powder (gluten free, vegan)

Full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and most importantly bright pink, this raspberry powder is really lovely.  The Peachicks keep pinching the bag of it as they like the smell!  The powder itself is gluten free and vegan friendly so all good for itchy scratchy Peachicks.  I have used this probably more than the cocoa powder so far and have been experimenting by adding it to overnight oats, hot chocolate and my Mother’s Day Raspberry & Lemon Scones (dairyfree eggfree vegan soyafree)!  Also quickly becoming one of my go to smoothie ingredients and works really really well with fresh lemon!



P1180209 (2)

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Raw Cocoa Powder  (gluten free, vegan)…

Cocoa powder is one of my holy grail ingredients – I would never be without it as I use it in everything, hot chocolate, baking, even chilli gets a sprinkling!  The Peachicks are very discerning chocolate lovers so the quality is utmost to them, raw cocoa is also packed full of vitamins, calcium & iron so naturally this had to be part of my order!  So far this has made some very nice hot chocolate for me  on a rare quiet afternoon!  Next up is a vegan raspberry & chocolate cake which I am planning to make myself for Mother’s Day as well as being added to a huge bowl of koko dairy free natural yoghurt with cocoa nibs, fruit & seeds!

This would also be very nice added to my Museli Muffins – add about 2Tbsp to the flour for an extra cocoa kick!


So in summary…

What I like:

Website is uncluttered, easy to use and the nutritional information on each product is great!  You can also pay using Paypal which makes payment simple.

The only problem is…

The photos of the recipes are just beautiful and making me very hungry – I NEED a smoothie bowl immediately!!


After you have ordered your browser is directed to a confirmation screen.  Then you receive a couple of emails, confirming your order and one with a voucher to send on to a friend!  I do like the idea of an actual chariot delivering my order but I guess I’ll settle for a van instead!


Would I use again? 

YEP – looking forward to see what products they stock next but in the mean time here is my wish list for the next time ‘the accountant’ says I can buy things!

  • Cocao Paste – Daddy Peacock has his eye on me making him some homemade vegan hazelnut chocolate fudge sauce for his pancakes!
  • Chlorella Powder – to add some protein and extra immune boosting nutrients to my smoothies! (also fancy trying it in breads/museli muffins!)
  • Bee Pollen – We all use honey in the spring/summer (alongside medication not instead of) to help reduce our hayfever symptoms so this could be an interesting alternative!


***I was sent a £5 off discount code as a thank you for following Nutriseed on social media and decided to use for the purposes of this order – all opinions are my own!***

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