Welcome to… The Peachicks’ Bakery!

…. & my adventures in a freefrom kitchen!

I have spent a good while thinking about my first post and what it should be about…. well about the time its taken me to make lunch for hubby & the peachicks and create two batches of very pink macaroons for Easter Sunday!

I guess the first thing I should say is that despite always helping to cook the christmas cake when I was a kid (chopping cherries was my job!) I haven’t always been the best at baking.  Cooking… no problem but baking…. eeek!
I reckon its because I’m one of those cooks who opens up the cupboard and ‘makes do’ with a ‘bit of this’ and a ‘splodge of that’…
So back to the reason for the late ‘obsession with baking’ (not my words), my little Peachicks.  They have the unfortunate gift of inheriting a string of wierd and initially inconvenient allergies from their lovely mummy (that’s me)!  Dairy, soya, citrus fruits, and anything with raw or just not very cooked eggs are all off the menu along with peanuts as a precaution!  Their reactions come in all shapes and sizes; upset stomachs, runny noses, blocked ears and gunky chests are all common place in this house when unsuitable things are ingested!

When I was simply cooking for me it was easy to go without, then I had my Peachicks.  I have found that having children with allergies can be hard… very hard, not because they are difficult to feed or cope with but because other people just don’t understand.

I remember taking the biggest Peachick to the health visitors just after I stopped breastfeeding her because she was wheezing like a steam train and wouldn’t keep her formula down. I raised the possibility that perhaps she, like me, had an allergy to milk.  I remember the look she gave me, then the silence, then the reply came… ‘There are no such things as food allergies, there are simply fussy children!’

Then the littlest Peachick came along, we moved house and changed doctors. After two weeks of no sleep I decided to try the formula milk, just an ounce to see if I could get a bit of kip.  The results resembled a Jackson Pollack creation all over my bed!  This continued for a week until she had a weigh in and was found to be underweight despite feeding every hour for the entirety of her life.  I explained the sickness and she was referred to a consultant and paedicatric dietician who were (and still are fantastic).  Finally someone was listening after 3 years of being on my own with the biggest peachick!  They diagnosed both kids with milk & soya protein allergies and advised they stay off the long list of foods that trigger reactions in me.

But what does this have to do with this blog and baking?  Well if you take a very large dollop of guilt,  mix it with a large splodge of mummy’s best intentions and wrap it up in a slightly obsessive/competitive personality you get where I am now… experimenting!

Experimenting with new ingredients, adapting recipes and since September trying to keep an allergen free lunchbox appetising and different!

I’ll let you know how I get on, with recipes & photos of my creations!


M x

p.s.  Medals to all of you who made it this far, I will try and make future posts shorter I promise!

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