In my day bread was just flour, water & yeast…. what happened?!

Ooooooh I am so cross!  I have just spent a fruitless 20mins down the bread aisle in Sainsbury’s.  Could I find a loaf of bread without Soya flour in?  You must be joking!  Now I know we make our own bread generally either in our trusty bread machine or with Herman (more about him later!) and it’s been a while since I bought bread but when did they start putting soya flour in bread?!  And here’s me thinking it would be easier to buy, just this once, a sliced loaf to take on holiday with us for packed lunches; apart from anything else I figured it would stay fresh a bit longer and save me a bit of time… hmm….. I could’ve made a dough from scratch and cooked it in the time it took me to do the shopping this morning!
So Herman has been fed ready for baking tomorrow… I feel like maybe I should introduce Herman before someone phones social services or reports me for animal cruelty!
Herman is my sourdough starter from which we make rather lovely sourdough loaves & pizza’s!  For those of you who are wondering a starter is a mix of water, flour (we use 50% wholemeal & 50% white bread flour) and natural yeasts (from the air or flour depending on who you listen to) that lives on the worktop in a bowl and is used instead of yeast to make bread.  There are several sites on the internet that deal with sourdough loaves, starters etc each with their own recipes for starters and ways of caring for them.  To be honest Herman has been alive in our house for several months now and appears to thrive on neglect and very cheap bread flour!

Some Useful Sourdough Sites:

 (not extensive there are many other sites but should be enough to get you started!)
The Handmade Bakery
This recipe at first glance seems quite informative too… click here

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