Jubilee Baking

Baking will have to wait…. We are off to Disneyland Paris!!
I have two of the most excited little girls in the
whole world today; they are packing their suitcases for a three day trip to
Disneyland Paris!  I think I may be a
little excited too for that matter and so busy packing, shopping & sorting
out all the medication this household needs to take with them that I don’t have
time for Jubilee baking today.  However
one of the perks of a teaching job is SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!  And yes I do have a stack of planning and
reports to write when I get back but I think I could be easily distracted by
the call of the kitchen! 
Whatever you’re doing have a fabulous Jubilee
Midge (Mummy Peacock) xxx
(& the very excited Peachicks & Daddy Peacock

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