Sunny Spring Evening on the Beach – Lepe Country Park

You may have noticed the last couple of weeks have not been great for my lungs.  Sadly they have been the tip of the iceberg, everyday this week seems to have bought fresh rubbish to deal, it is literally being thrown at us from all directions and noone seems willing to give us any let up.  This all culminated with hubby getting notification that his attendance record is being investigated, following his kidney stones, I guess they will fire him at some point in the next couple of months.  As you can imagine my lungs are ever so grateful for the added stress!!  Over the years Hubby & I have got used to it being just us against the world, it has actually become quite normal for us and luckily crisis management has become a bit of a speciality for us.  So we have spent today carefully crafting plans A, B through to Z (sell everything, buy a caravan & bugger off round Europe living off the land and proceeds from Hubby’s amazing IT skills).  By 5pm we had decided we’d missed enough of the sunshine and packed the kids up for a paddle on the beach.




When my lungs are not great, the kids have to put up with a lot; different people picking them up from school, helping out around here a bit more amongst other things.  Despite what others seem to think we are well aware of the effect it has on them & I hate the way they look at me when I am poorly and so this evening beach trip was a well deserved treat for them too!




The sky threatened to empty its contents on us a few times but the sun kept shining through!  The sunset this evening from home was stunning and were it not for some tired & grumpy Peachicks I would have loved to have stayed to watch it in Roxy just like Hubby & I used to before the kids came along!




Living where we do there are a few beaches we could go to and I’m not sure which is our closest beach to be fair, we are quite lucky in that respect, but Lepe Country Park is the one we consistently end up at.  Its about 30ish mins away on the edge of the New Forest and overlooks the Isle of Wight.  The land the other side of the Solent in this picture is Northern coast of the Island and from here you can sit and watch the ferries going in and out of Cowes as well as the Cruise Liners and Freight Liners that use the port of Southampton.  If you know where to look you can also spot Queen Victoria’s very impressive holiday home, Obsorne House in East Cowes.




The tide was a very long way out tonight so the Peachicks couldn’t resist going for a bit of a nose in and around the ‘sea puddles’ that were left behind!  We found an awful lot of empty clam shells and the journey home was filled with the sound of clam castanets!




Obviously the Marine Zoologist in me couldn’t resist a bit of impromptu home-schooling and so the Peachicks were ‘treated’ to facts about seaweed species, tips for identifying different molluscs AND we even had a good discussion about the differences between the littoral zones within a marine coastal habitat and why it is important to put the animals we find back where they came from!




Inspecting under the seaweed looking for marine life!




Alys was very interested in why and how all the seaweed, littorinids & limpets were attached to the rocks.  She was fascinated by just how strongly the seaweed was attached and managed to work out it was like the foundations of our house – we don’t want them to move!


P1180811 (2)


Looking back at the cliffs overlooking the ‘family beach’ at Lepe.  The Peachicks love looking at the colours in each of the rock layers meanwhile Daddy Peacock is more interested in the historical link they have to D-Day!




And what trip to the beach is complete without skimming a few stones!
P1180827 P1180830 (2)


We also found a friend.  The Peachicks thought the shell was empty until I put it out on my hand, without saying anything, so you can imagine their surprise when out popped a pair of fairly substantial and very well decorated pincers!


P1180833 (2)


It may have been missing a few legs but this hermit crab was fairly substantial in size and quite happy to go about its business crawling around between the sea puddles.  The Peachicks insisted on hiding it by a small rock under some seaweed once they had finished looking at it!  This is the first time they have managed to find a hermit crab and it has now set a benchmark for future beach wanders!


P1180840 (2)




Crab safely back on the beach, we walked up the cliff path to the play area so the Peachicks could let off some steam before coming home for baths & bed!  Hopefully the sea air will mean a peaceful night for Daddy Peacock & I, although how much sleeping he will do I am not sure!



I am going to link this post up to #Countrykids over at Coombe Mill Farm as well as #BloggerClubUK and #whatevertheweather Wednesdays later in the week!



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6 thoughts on “Sunny Spring Evening on the Beach – Lepe Country Park”

  • I’m so sorry to hear that life is more than a little stressful for you all right now. I really hope plan A to Z don’t need to be used, though packing everything up and touring in a caravan does have a huge appeal! It would be so easy just to curl up indoors and feel sorry for yourselves, I have huge respect for your attitude to life, pull on your reserves and come out on top. Sounds like this little beach trip was just what was needed for you all. Some time out just to be together and appreciate the lovely countryside around you. Even the weather was on your side with the showers holding off. I love the impromptu sea life chat, the best way to learn is taking advantage of situations as they arise with a captive interested audience. Keep up with the days out together, it sounds like you all need it and I hope the lungs ease up for you. Thank you so much for joining me for CountryKids.

    • Thank you! The caravan option really does!! I don’t think there is any really secret to it – we’ve had quite a lot of practise at jumping from one crisis to another over the years and I think you just have to get on! We definitely do curl up and hide and feel sorry for ourselves occasionally but going off out to the beach or the New Forest usually helps! yes hopefully the lungs will behave at some point, I did manage work today it was so nice to see my little people again and hear all about their adventures too!

  • Aww I am so sad reading the first part of the post. I know what you mean. In my household its just me and my son against the world too! I am so glad that you were able to go out and treat the kids with a trip. This looks like fun and I hope there will be more outings like this =) #countrykids

  • Sounds like a fun day at the beach! You were lucky it stayed dry. The weather has been miserable here lately – rain & hail showers every day! Awesome you found a hermit crab to show the kids. It’s so fun to explore as a family. Thanks so much for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk

    • It was a lovely time to go as everyone was coming home from the New Forest & Beach so the traffic was all going the other way! We went again Sunday just gone and it was lovely!

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