Mermaid Birthday Cake!

Mermaid Birthday Cake!


The biggest Peachick is 7 on Sunday and here is the cake she ordered!  Obviously I didn’t make Ariel, I found her at The Craft Company, along with the silicon mould for the sea creatures.  They had everything I needed which means I didn’t have to hand colour the fondant (well I did the ice-blue for the pearls & the clam) and delivered next day.
The large clam was handmade from a sketch I made on a scrap of paper; it is hand coloured fondant shaped and left to dry on a whisk handle before the inside and pink pearl were added!
Its all dairy/soya free; although I should point out the Betty Crocker buttercream contains no milk ingredients but they do give a warning on the packet that it may contain milk ingredients so use your own judgement when using.
Sadly the little red sea snake didn’t make it on the cake, but with the sea grass, coral and pearls the cake is more than complete.  The coral is easy to make, take a ball of red fondant (about the size of a thumbnail) and roll out into a rectangle, then roll into a tube.  Cut to different lengths and stick in clusters!
The sea grass was cut out from modelling paste, coloured green, and rolled out thinly.  I then used a pizza cutter to make the wavy shapes and left to dry before sticking to the cake with edible glue!
After her party the top tier is going to be taken off and patched up ready to take to Great Nanny & Grandads on her actual birthday and the bottom tier will be going in party bags!  She is having a craft/jewellery making party with a few of her friends AT HOME; I think we may be a tad crazy but her friends are lovely kids so I’m sure it will be a good day!
Here’s a list of everything I used/made:P1160054
  • Bottom tier: Vanilla sponge, sandwiched with waitrose strawberry jam & Betty Crocker vanilla buttercream.
  • Top tier:  Chocolate sponge, sandwiched with waitrose strawberry jam & Betty Crocker strawberry buttercream.
  • To Cover cakes: 1Kg Atlantic Blue Renshaw Sugarpaste
  • For decorations: Assorted quantities of other Renshaw colours (Tiger Orange, Yellow & Pink)
  • For the Clam and Pearls: White Sainsbury’s ready roll (left over from February,  kept in a plastic tub & microwaved to soften it up!) coloured very pale blue with Dr Oetker gel colours.
  • To finish:  Everything was given a light spray with my new favourite thing: silver shimmer spray!  The smaller items were sprayed as they were made and the cake was sprayed once the fondant went on.  It made the blue look like water.
As you can imagine there is officially none of this cake left now – the Peachicks have demolished it with a little help from a lot of family and friends! And no I didn’t cry when it was cut (honest… Well ok maybe a little bit!).


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  • This cake is amazing! My DD is 2 this weekend, and I am ‘aiming’ to make her a chocolate Peppa Pig cake! I’ve noticed a few vegan cake recipes on your site, but wanted to ask what chocolate cake recipe is best for a celebration cake like this? All of my vegan cakes seem to come out too crumbly or too dense! Thanks 🙂

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